[Focus] today’s report: LED supply and demand pattern is undergoing profound and fundamental changes

LED industry supply and demand structure signs of improvement significant upstream prices frequently, downstream outstanding performance

sign a: 2016 upstream LED industry chain prices frequently, some products rose more than 15%

March Linsen, crystal units and other packaging companies have to
Part of the product price increases; May crystal production in the case of 25%, the price rose 15%, Sanyan Optoelectronics also part of the product prices; August, San’an and other chip prices have different degrees of upgrading, of which three
Anguo small and medium size products prices floating 10%, Hua Can photoelectric also lower profits of the products were adjusted accordingly; September Mu Lin Sen, the Star photoelectric, Xinda photoelectric prices on the RGB lamp beads, or in the 5
% -10% or so.
According to research and understanding, 2016 around the end of the second quarter, the industry a number of LED chip business prices have begun to rise, the revenue situation improved significantly.
crystal energy, for example, in early September, crystal power production capacity and extended to October, the current capacity utilization has more than 9 percent, of which about 90% Blu-ray machine capacity, price and profit better red line
It is full load.

according to LEDinside data, we see that the average price of mainstream package devices has stabilized compared to 2015, the packaged device prices fell 50% to 60%, the overall supply and demand relationship packaged devices has significantly improved, which can be seen comparing
Large package specifications 5630 and 3030, 3-4 month has declined but has stabilized since April, while the package size 2835 price has remained stable this year, and some product prices rose slightly in July.
In the case of packaging Daguang billion, for example, since mid-June, the stock rose 18%, has seen the demand for the product line to pick up in the third quarter will be officially entered the season, rather than just make up inventory.
Which especially in the TV backlight performance is best, mainly by the Olympic year this year, driven by demand demand; the other from the mainland mobile phone backlight, display screen orders will also significantly contribute to the third quarter revenue.

according to LEDinside data, global LED bulbs fall by about 9% in 2015 compared global alternative 40W bulb prices fell 12.4%, replace 60w bulb prices fell 9.9%, the basic in the normal range, mainly due to packaging technology advances
Caused by the overall reduction in the price of supplies.

Meanwhile, China LED light bulb prices fell about 11%, compared to 2015, China 40W replacement bulb price fell 18.4%, 60W replacement bulb price fell 32.37 percent, the downward trend has significantly stabilized the reaction bulb domestic market competition environment
Has become increasingly stable, supply and demand pattern has gradually improved.
There are indications that LED chip supply and demand pattern has changed.

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