Focus on promoting the application of LED intelligent transp

At the beginning of December, the “2013 intelligent transportation LED energy-saving emission reduction technology and standard seminar” held in Shanghai. The transportation department related to leadership, road construction and design department and excellent manufacturer of 10 experts made a speech, the 120 leaders and experts in the future national highway lighting and variable signal display LED application technology in the field of further discussion on the high level. The participants also visited the Shanghai Electronics Engineering Co. Ltd LED system laboratory and production workshop, and the Shanghai LED tunnel lamp standard demonstration project – Shanghai Dalian road tunnel LED lighting project and the monitoring center of high density LED big screen, have a more profound understanding of intelligent transportation LED energy-saving emission reduction technology, said that the future will be together to create a new situation in the application of LED Chinese highway.

2013 intelligent transportation LED energy-saving emission reduction technology and standard workshop by Traffic Engineering Institute, Shanghai Road branch Chinese Electronics Engineering Company Limited, deputy director of the office of the Ministry of transportation energy, deputy director, Research Institute of Highway Traffic Department of the Shanghai diplomatic relations committee and the Dalian Road Tunnel Company Secretary and other ten experts made speeches, and prospects the future development of LED application in highway.

Energy saving and emission reduction plan “of the State Council in 12th Five-Year” put forward new requirements for the application of LED in highway

The State Council has issued the “12th Five-Year” comprehensive energy reduction program of work “and the” 12th Five-Year “work plan for controlling greenhouse gas emissions requirements” to “12th Five-Year” period, the unit GDP energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 16% and 17% than in 2010. But in the transportation industry, highway transportation comprehensive transportation energy consumption accounted for the proportion of 39.5%, to promote green low-carbon transportation is imperative. The State Department of Transportation Transportation set up special funds for energy conservation from 2011 onwards, with the method of “Yijiangdaibu”, encourage enterprises, achieve energy-saving emission reduction results, now has launched a 5 batch of 100 ministerial level energy-saving emission reduction demonstration project. The innovation funds focused on management system, and science and technology development to drive the green traffic. In the field of transportation, how to effectively promote the energy saving effect of LED lighting and display products, the various provinces and cities built and approved for highway design units and accept the LED transformation plan, has become the topic of many experts. Experts believe that the LED road lighting and display to provide multi-level, full range of energy-saving emission reduction plan, in order to win market recognition.

Strengthen the development LED highway application standard imperative

How to strengthen the LED industry standard, has become a common concern in the industry topic. No unified road lighting system, is not conducive to guarantee the quality of highway LED lighting products, products for procurement, installation, maintenance and service will bring many difficulties and problems. In this regard, deputy researcher at the Ministry of transport and Road Research Institute Jiang Haifeng detailed interpretation of the “highway” LED lighting standards and three ministries tunnel LED lighting demonstration project tracking test results, pointed out a new direction for the development of the industry. Three ministries tunnel LED lighting demonstration project involving 15 highway tunnel LED lighting demonstration project, across 14 provinces and cities, through the experimental measurement strictly, we can draw the conclusion that LED is 24h lamps high pressure sodium lamp: daytime average saving of approximately 73.1%, 72.6% and 61.4%; the fine light is dimming: 48h grade average saving about 32.07% of the conclusion.

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