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As the weather is getting cold now, many families will be installed in the home heating equipment, if the heating pipes once leakage will affect the heating, even endanger the safety of life and property of users. Therefore, the reasons for the leakage of the heating pipe should be analyzed in time and corresponding countermeasures should be taken. Here we will introduce: heating pipe leakage maintenance program, and how to choose heating pipes.

Cause of water leakage in heating pipe and maintenance plan:

A: the heating pipe connection leaks

Residential water pressure test before the pipe into the full of cold water, because the principle leads to the heating pipe joints prone to Water Leakage situation of thermal expansion and contraction, the general water pressure is not too large, the user can use a towel or cloth to gently around the pipeline, set aside a bowl, let the water into the sink, and then find a professional maintenance personnel, do not handle their own repairs, once the improper operation, disconnect the connection will cause greater losses to you.

Two: heating pipe Water Leakage trachoma

When the heating pipe hole Water Leakage, then you need to put a towel or cloth wrapped around the tube, and set aside a period into the basin, the water in the basin. If a bicycle tire tube, a section of the cut into 1 cm wide, 50 cm long, the inner tube forced to open at a distance of 3 cm and a sand hole, a buckling buckling off hole 3 cm can be, 3 to 5 days later, trachoma will automatically rust.

Three: exhaust valve broken water leakage

Because the water pressure test in the process of entering the air will be part of the pipeline, some users worry that this will affect the heating effect, to open the exhaust valve to exhaust the exhaust valve, however due to the internal connection point is fine, if improper operation is easy to break, resulting in Water Leakage. At this point, users do not panic, you can find a round chopsticks, chopsticks as a wedge into the water leakage, and then ask professional maintenance.

How to choose the heating tube?:

1. heating pipe material, mainly PPR tube and PB tube aluminum tube, aluminum tube, good insulation, outer wall is not easy to corrosion, smooth inner wall, small flow resistance, and can be bent, it is convenient for construction, and the price is relatively high. PPR pipe corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, light quality, high mechanical strength, not easy to scale, long service life. And now the market has PPR aluminum pipe, and combines the advantages of PPR pipe and aluminum pipe.

PB pipe is an inert polymer polymer, has a high temperature resistance, durability, chemical stability, plasticity, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, non scaling, long life and other characteristics, but the oxygen permeability of PB tube is high, need oxygen. At present, the market is oxygen barrier PB tube.

2, the length of the heating pipe and the choice of pipe diameter, according to the actual situation to choose, the general diameter of the thinner, the longer the pipeline, the greater the resistance, the flow rate will be lower.

3, heating pipe installation using a single pipe series way, is the pipe, radiator and boiler series, and this if there is a local fault, the whole system can not work, requiring heating pipes thicker.

4, heating pipe installation using double pipe parallel way, each radiator can be controlled separately, water balance is higher than one, requiring the pipeline travel short.

5, heating pipe installation using double pipe parallel with the same way, each radiator water flow is basically the same, the whole system flow balance best, more heat savings and convenient maintenance.

Editor summary: heating pipe leakage maintenance program, and how to choose heating pipes, introduced here. Hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to qijia.

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