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Foam glass is called porous glass, through high temperature foam molding, waterproof, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, non radioactive, insulation, anti magnetic wave, anti static, high mechanical strength, and good adhesion characteristics of various types of mud. Next, we introduce the characteristics of foam glass and the key points of foam glass application.

Foam glass features

1, has a good sealing structure, not soaked, no water absorption, has a good waterproof and moisture-proof effect of light insulation materials.

2, there will be no harmful gas, no harm to the human body, and is an insulation material.

3, light, high strength, not easy to deformation, easy to cut forming, the compressive strength can reach 0.8Mpa.

4, has very good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, is a completely environmentally friendly insulation material.

5, has the advantages of long service life, anti-oxidation, sunshine, belonging to good insulation insulation materials.

6, the use of a wide range of temperature (-200 ~ 410 degrees Celsius)

Key points of application of foam glass

1, foam glass is the main material of glass, will not absorb water, it will not seep, so foam glass is better in recent years, cold insulation materials.

2, has good compression performance, more than other materials can withstand the external environment erosion and load. Combined with the compressive properties and the moisture resistance, the foamed glass becomes the best insulation material for the underground pipe and the tank foundation.

3, foam glass has heat insulation and moisture permeability, its heat transfer rate is relatively stable, good thermal insulation performance, it will not change because of the environment.

4, the foam glass not spontaneous combustion, good fireproof performance, operating temperature range of -210~450 DEG C, smaller thermal expansion coefficient (10× 11 degrees) and reversible, therefore the material properties unchanged for a long time, hard brittle, good stability.

5, foam glass has a good sound insulation performance, has a strong absorption effect, the average penetration loss in 65~410Hz 29.3dB.

6. Foam glass can be used as thermal insulation decorative material and has good dyeing property

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Foam glass

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