Flooring stores plummeted, enterprises need to strengthen the development of compressive capacity

With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous progress of the flooring industry, this year, the number of enterprises on the floor market is increasing day by day. As its access threshold is relatively low, the number of enterprises entering the flooring industry is increasing every year. However, in the market competition situation is becoming increasingly severe, the number of enterprises that can survive is decreasing.
Large enterprises, the number of stores decreased significantly
According to statistics, in 2014 the 50 national key large-scale retail enterprises retail sales fell 0.7% cumulative, and the gap between the growth rate of last year to 10.2 percentage points, the number of annual total retail sales fell for the 38 companies, representing an increase of 23. As food, clothing, cosmetics and commodities continued to slow, retail sales of gold, silver, jewellery and household appliances also fell sharply, showing a general slowdown.
Compared with 2013, in 2014, the accelerated transformation of the real retail business, industry consolidation, large retail enterprises appear “ closed shop tide ”. According to statistics, last year, the number of key retail enterprises nationwide 50 compared to the previous year, a decrease of 11.6%, a decline of 5.5 percentage points compared to 2013 expansion.
Flooring enterprises need to enhance their own ability to resist compression
Last year, the negative factors affecting the development of retail enterprises have increased. On the one hand, influence and strictly control public spending still exist, the rapid development of the Internet has not diminished the impact; on the other hand, macroeconomic growth continued to slow down, the real estate market downturn and other negative factors to further increase the sales growth of retail enterprises have difficulties.
The continuous chain of furniture enterprise funds tight, wages raised social problems continue to occur, at the same time, the deterioration of operating conditions of the furniture businesses have also led to the strike and Voices of discontent., asked the shop or lessee rent, rent free.
The decline in the number of enterprises in the industry is undoubtedly the enterprises can not compete with more and more pressure. In the increasingly competitive situation on the floor market, enterprises want to make great progress, but also need to improve their comprehensive competitive ability, increase their compressive ability.

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