Flooring industry reshuffle revolution coming, e-commerce how to help enterprises forward?

As a traditional home building material industry, the flooring industry now has to be affected under the impact of the internet. At present, the development trend of e-commerce is very swift and violent. This new development mode is constantly &ldquo, eroding &rdquo, and developing the current pattern of the flooring industry. In the face of irresistible electricity supplier trends, how to choose the floor enterprises in the development model, has become an urgent need to face the problem of enterprises.
Strong rise of e-commerce model
According to statistics, the electronic commerce &ldquo issued the State Ministry “in 12th Five-Year; ” development plan” put forward by 2015, e-commerce transaction volume will exceed 18 trillion yuan, often the application of e-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises will reach more than 60% of the total number of small and medium sized enterprises. From this data shows that the floor electricity supplier or other industries will be transformed by the internet. It is understood that, in other industries, the strong rise of electricity providers, largely diverted the traditional channels of passenger traffic.
There are many involved in the field of electricity providers dealers said sales network to bring the results far more than the store, the electricity supplier to its price advantage to win more customers Home Furnishing stores already erosion interests, facing the online channel to seize market share. In order to minimize the impact of the electricity supplier industry, flooring industry in many businesses from online operation ideas, through the line activities to attract consumers to a large discount and experiential promotions, want to use the amount of low-cost way to go against electricity supplier.
Flooring companies need to stay rational in the face of emerging models
In recent years, the floor enterprises facing from various aspects of the market pressure, rising rental costs, homogenization of serious phenomenon, under the flooring industry ills in all sorts of industry, is also deeply brought to the traditional development mode of electric shock. In the new round of reshuffle of the industry, the arrival of the revolution, the floor enterprises also need to change the mentality in this market competition of survival of the fittest and improve the added value of products and services.
For flooring enterprises, in the electricity supplier under the impact of the floor electricity supplier has become the trend of the times. Many flooring brands in order to develop channels, have to test the electricity supplier platform, although small gains, but consumers are still biased towards the purchase of flooring products store. However, on the current development of the flooring industry, enterprises can not abandon the traditional model of development, fully dependent on electricity suppliers. Floor enterprise electronic business platform is also affected by many factors, in logistics, installation, after-sales service will also have a long way to go.
Therefore, in the electricity supplier trend approaching, the floor enterprises ready to come, to meet the new model understandable. But before the transformation and upgrading of the revolution began, the floor enterprises to treat new models still need to maintain a rational, objective attitude, so as to achieve the ideal goal of development in the electricity supplier road.

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