Flooring industry market segments, or drive enterprises out of the predicament

[since this year, as a result of the great environmental impact, the home industry is relatively depressed, and the flooring industry in this context, the market development is relatively stagnant. Some enterprises have to adjust the product line and layout, re segment the market, market positioning, and constantly try to drop, hoping to take up more market share.
Clear their own positioning, multi angle seize the market
In 2014, almost all scale flooring brands began to adjust the product mix and management layout, or seek capital injection. Surging tide of listing, but also to see the market trend of home building materials enterprises, and in the case of market agitation, many floors company conducted a clear and definite self positioning. Today, the market is not good, the industry reshuffle is unavoidable, competitive brands are also looking forward to market concentration.
Although there is a clear positioning of the self, in the market competition, companies do not give themselves restrictions. In 2014, almost at the same time to the Brand Company, end market force, will be more market segments, while enterprises subdivide, differentiation, and specifically for the high end market department and team, full attack market, seize market share. This also explains that the floor market competition is more and more fierce, the profit point is scattered seriously, the single position has not been able to satisfy enterprise’s profit, each enterprise hoped can support more, attack comprehensively.
With the help of Internet, we can develop E-commerce
2014, the electricity supplier brand sales achieved gratifying results. Flooring companies have begun to invest in the blue ocean electricity supplier, hoping to get more profits from the Internet platform.
In addition to the electricity supplier Home Furnishing special sales platform, some brands have begun to set up their own network sales department, part of the flooring business has built the Internet platform in the mobile Internet era, hope to share a cup of soup. The Internet is leading the flooring industry to enter a new market, is currently involved in floor enterprises in the exploration and try, who can become the final winner, perhaps to see who can grasp the pulse of the Internet, with the common development.
From a series of industry dynamics is also not difficult to see, a series of positive moves the floor enterprises in the market downturn environment for the survival of the situation, in the short term can not be changed, the floor enterprises only according to their own situation to develop the corresponding target, can win in the intense competition environment.

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