Flooring industry: 2015, where is the road to development?

[value] at the end of 2014, the flooring enterprises also ushered in a year of summing up period. Looking back in 2014, the flooring industry can be described in the wind and rain in progress, in the turbulent waves of the times, enterprises have lost, there are gains. However, whether good or bad, the road to the development of enterprises is like riding a boat behind. In the downturn of the industry situation, the floor enterprises only continue to sum up experience, in order to win the fittest in the cruel market.
Product quality is still the core direction
No matter how the market changes, how the industry evolved, the development of the train how to drive, the product is always the first stop enterprises need to call. Enterprises have good products will have the support of consumers and the market’s favor, willing to sit on the ship of the enterprise “ passenger ” will only more and more. Whether well-known trademarks are officially banned, or consumers more rational consumption concept, the development of the flooring business is inseparable from the quality of products. With the concept of health and environmental protection becoming more and more popular, the main direction of the future development of flooring products will be carried out around this topic.
Marketing tools need to cut into the Internet industry
In the moment of the floor on the market, marketing pattern is constantly changing, enterprises in the premise of ensuring the quality of products, there is no important marketing means, nature is futile, thus a suitable marketing mode will be the focus of the floor enterprise development next year. It is reported that from 2013 to 2014, the pattern of communication in the whole market has changed a lot, and the traditional advertising market is very sluggish. Specifically, TV advertising only grew by 1.9%, newspapers and magazines declined rapidly, radio advertising grew by 13%, and traditional outdoor advertising grew by only one digit. Predict 2015, the personage inside course of study thinks, TV media still can maintain advertisement volume first, but growth rate still is slow down. While newspapers and magazines continue to slide, the Internet will suddenly rise and predict a growth rate of more than 40%. Under this forecast, the flooring enterprise’s future advertising marketing investment will also make a new round of strategic adjustment.
Widening sales channels is particularly important
When product development came out and marketing was done, the final question should be where to sell the product. In recent years, the possibility of building various channels in the flooring industry has not been interrupted. Channel sink, or export to the domestic market, the construction of the floor of the enterprise has also been in the process of advancing with the times, looking for the most suitable for their own way. Channels, for the industry is moving the floor of the train, just on behalf of the direction of the floor enterprises should go to the place, it is worth the construction and development of the center of gravity!
In the current floor market, enterprises only in the summary to find in line with their own direction of development, in order to continue to move forward in the contrarian. Even if the market is depressed, there is resistance on the way forward, but constantly looking for experience and looking for a breakthrough will be the vitality of the flooring business!

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