Flooring enterprises 2015 change road: grasp the new generation of demand is the key

Nowadays, with the continuous development of the times and the continuous progress of the flooring industry, while the product is constantly upgrading, the consumer demand direction is changing quietly. At present, the flooring industry, the market consumption of the main force is changed from 60\/70 to 80\/ after 90, the traditional TV advertising, such as price war marketing mode has not this group of young people “ taste ” therefore, in 2015, the floor enterprises should also keep pace with the times, the old &rdquo & ldquo;.
Brand building to enhance the competitiveness of flooring enterprises
At present, from the consumer groups on the floor market, the new generation has gradually become the main consumer market. 80, 90 is a generation growing up in the wave of globalization, their ideas are affected by western countries, like the pursuit of famous brand. The same watch, they will choose OMEGA, Rolex; the same smart phones, they prefer apple. They do not seem to buy simple products, but a sense of social existence, a “ can not see the status of &rdquo.
This kind of circumstance, floor enterprise how to break through in homogeneity product, rely on is brand. In 2015, the enterprise must strengthen brand building floor, including building a resounding name, is easy to identify the brand symbols, brainwashing advertising language, unique cultural ideas and so on, so as to add a layer of &ldquo to Impenetrable Defence ” brand; brand, to become more strong & ldquo; ” more. Competitive.
Flooring enterprises need innovative product promotion model
The flooring industry has nearly thirty years of development in China, but mostly in the traditional marketing channels of television advertising, sales, whitewashing advertising based, rarely involved in the media. On the one hand, the traditional way of marketing propagation speed is slow; on the other hand, the traditional marketing channels, the audience is no longer the flooring industry is the main consumer groups, so the effective transformation from promotion to the purchase rate is gradually reduced.
Today, the Internet is developing very rapidly, from the media seems to be becoming mainstream social networking platform. According to statistics, in 2014, micro blog users reached 249 million, WeChat’s monthly active users have more than 468 million, while the number of active QQ months is more than 820 million people. Among them, 80, 90, or even 00 after the largest proportion of users, and they are the floor of the mainstream consumer groups now. Visible, flooring enterprises in the future, we must pay attention to the media marketing, marketing accuracy, speed and effectiveness.
In the current floor market, only willing to focus on product enterprises will not become the ultimate winner. The floor enterprises want to win in the fierce competition in the market, it needs time to grasp the direction of consumer groups, to accurately grasp the new generation of consumer preferences, should cater to their way of shopping, so we can have the right, achieve long-term development.

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