Flooring enterprise product quality and channel construction is the key

For the current flooring industry, with the gradual growth of cutting-edge elite enterprises, the flooring market also ushered in a new blood. In another market, new type of elite flooring enterprises although has certain advantages, but because the industry in a relatively short time, the experience is not very rich, is also facing some problems.
Enterprises produce more than sales, resulting in product quality, service problems out
Flooring market access threshold is relatively low, so the size of the flooring market floor brands are increasing year by year. Compared to mature flooring enterprises, cutting-edge elite enterprises are more creative, and they can quickly break through the market and seize market share on the basis of the traditional model, using new marketing methods. But after all, these enterprises are limited in size, and their production capacity is limited. If the expansion is rapid, the result is that the output goes up and the quality decreases.
Flooring enterprises that only pay attention to production, but do not pay attention to quality practices, will lead to “ hurt ” not only products, as well as enterprise follow-up services. Because when the enterprise expansion is too fast, the team management will not keep pace with the development, resulting in major departments docking problems, so easy to lead to follow-up service flaws, or low quality and so on. In addition, excessive dumping of products will cause rapid growth in service costs, making enterprises in the financial support and service personnel reserves will be inadequate.
Disadvantages of investment highlights, hinder the expansion of sales channels
In addition, the disadvantages of flooring enterprises in the investment work are also gradually highlighted in recent years. As an important channel for the distribution of floor enterprises, investment has a very important significance for enterprises to capture the market. The blind expansion of the floor enterprises, more than sales will make product sales channels blocked, and eventually enterprises will fall into a difficult situation.
Many flooring enterprises in order to seek investment scale, blind market, some in order to recruit franchisees, and even reduce investment requirements. The end result is that the consultation has arrived and the geographical coverage has gone up, but the dealers complain too much. It is understood that in recent years, such as the dealer accused merchants do not fulfill the commitments of the news occurred frequently, most businesses and franchisees signed agreement on basic dealers, a lot of support cannot be put in place. The root cause of this phenomenon lies in: the scale of enterprise investment has gone far beyond its control scale, enterprise management capacity can not be achieved.
In the competitive flooring market, any work needs to be carefully planned by the enterprise. Whether the relationship between production and marketing, development or business work, need floor enterprises in carrying out the work before strategizing, the trend of competition so that enterprises can be in intense under steadily.

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