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Ground heating cleaning machine is also called geothermal cleaning machine. It is mainly used to clean the geothermal pipeline. Automatic pulse cleaning machine using gas, geothermal water, electromagnetic pulse combination, through the internal vortex power conversion to the kinetic energy of high speed with a small molecule form, through heat, in the operation process of kinetic energy and electromagnetic pulse. The dirt in the pipe wall is decomposed and washed out with the water molecules, so as to achieve the function of cleaning and heating the floor. Here’s to introduce the advantages of floor cleaning machine and the principle of floor heating cleaning machine.

Advantages of floor heating cleaner

1: the design has obtained national patent; “practical + fashion” design concept in the domestic thermal cleaning machine in the first place;

2: do not solve the tube, connect the pipe and the water separator to carry out cleaning work;

3: without any chemicals or chemicals, there is no corrosion to the inner wall of the pipeline and the system components. The discharge will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment.

4: no blocking, applicable to all kinds of complex piping system cleaning.

5: small, light, easy to operate, quick cleaning.

6: cleaning test method is simple, by way of observation. Can observe the effect of cleaning sewage, but also before and after cleaning tube contrast.

7: This equipment can not only clean the geothermal pipeline, but also can clean the radiator, heat sink, household water pipe, household water heater and suppress the geothermal pipe system.

Working principle of floor heating cleaner

The air compressor to provide compressed air and water input automatic pulse generator, automatic control by pulse pulse generator, according to the need of different physical cleaning emission frequency and wavelength of pulse wave, computer integrated circuit board will be the reference data according to the intelligent matching of various instruments to reflect on the panel of the machine, cleaning pipeline the inner wall of the high pressure water jet and air impact and shock wave, layer by layer peeling of inner tube and pipe rust deposits, and administered by the end with the rapid flow of water discharge pipe, repeated work until it reaches the end of cleaning.

Cleaning procedure

(I) connection

1. close the water inlet and return separation main valve of the water separator;

2. connect the pulse inlet pipe, connect the digital computer pulse generator with the water supply head of the water separator;

3. connect the water pipe to connect the water source with the computer pulse generator;

4. connect the air compressor and connect the air compressor with the computer pulse generator;

The 5. is connected with the drain pipe, one end of the utility model is connected with the back of the water diversion device, and the other end is inserted into the floor drain.

(two) start and clean

1. connect the air compressor and digital computer pulse generator power supply, press the power switch on the pulse generator, start the compressor and make it work at the rated pressure 8Mpa;

2. open the compressor gas switch and the system water supply valve;

3., open the water separator on a separate valve, other separation valve closed, wash one, open a correction root, one cleaning;

4. after the sewage discharge terminal meets the return water, the operation controller controls the digital computer pulse generator to emit physical pulse waves and enters the geothermal pipeline to start cleaning. According to the length of the geothermal pipe, the installation time and the scaling condition, the pulse cleaning frequency can be adjusted automatically for cleaning. Until cleaning.

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