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There are a lot of Feng Shui relations, today introduced to you in the living room of a can not be ignored Feng shui. That’s the feng shui of the TV background wall. This position, I’m afraid most people have not noticed, after all, most people, that place is suitable for sofa, just opposite is the TV table and tv. The sitting room is comfortable, the location of TV is appropriate, you do not care too much, but you do not know the TV background wall is also important Feng Shui matters. Here we introduce the background of imitation marble tiles, wall Feng Shui taboo.

Home Furnishing Feng Shui is very important, sometimes the home will have more or less trouble, this time you have to consider is not bad feng shui to blame, because the bad feng shui will make life a lot more friction, if there is a bad feng shui place must pay attention to correct.

TV backdrop taboo Feng Shui one: hang paintings and ornaments

Times are different, the living room layout also has the change of the times, is no longer just painted white walls around. There are different designs for the walls behind the tv. Some people like to marble, luxury tiles and other television background wall, but also some people used to design a book rack, you can put some small ornaments or photo frames and so on. Or hang the picture on the wall of the background, the TV background wall has become the focus of a living room decoration. But television is a hot item, and it’s not appropriate to put too much space behind it. The bookshelf type background is vacated by the attention position. In addition to resolve bad feng shui, paintings, TV background wall decorations, should be based on moral choice Xianglai kyrgyzstan.

TV background taboo taboo Feng Shui two: TV background wall position

People who want financial resources, especially if they know it, cannot choose the location of the TV wall. Generally, the orientation of the home owner’s wealth is to be clean and stable, which means that the family has a stable income in the financial sector, and the money is stable until it is profitable. The TV is noisy, if placed in the financial position is making money are difficult to Wangcai turbulent. Note also that the television background wall not being on the window, or set a window of the wall, at the mercy of TV sound that is relatively large, there is turmoil to your home, it is not conducive to cai.

TV background taboo taboo Feng Shui three: the shape of the background wall

Although today’s home design has its own novelty, but for the TV background design, as far as possible to avoid sharp corners, bumps, or messy segmentation, and so on. First of all, the living room is the place where the family often gathers, and the design of irregular designs such as sharp corners is a direct and sharp attack on people, which is not conducive to the health and harmony of the family. In addition, today’s background wall is paved with tiles. If the shape is concave and convex, segmentation, sharp angle and so on, it will form the reflection of multi mirror. And the back of the TV is the radiation of electrical appliances, if because of the design of the human body, and even the family of radiation radiation, then the human body is also a great harm.

TV background taboo taboo Feng Shui four: background wall tones

Now the living room will highlight the TV background wall, so the color will be around the wall color is not uniform. However, there are always need to pay attention to the wall taboo, it is not appropriate to choose too dark color. In particular, the television is mostly black in shape, and if the background color is black or dark, it overlaps and gives a very burdensome feeling. Generally east to the living room, TV backdrop suitable for the selection of yellow, South living room, TV background wall for white choice. The west to the living room, the TV background for the choice of light green, north to the living room, TV backdrop for wine, red, wood, wood tone. In addition, Southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest, respectively for yellow and blue and blue and green color of these.

TV backdrop taboo Feng Shui five: plants on both sides of the background wall

In Feng Shui, home put some green plants can not only open Meshach, but also purify the air, is a good thing. Especially placed on both sides of the TV background wall, but also adsorption of radiation?. But not all plants are suitable for display, we should understand the plants in your home to the taboo. For example, cactus, adsorption radiation most effective, but in general, such thorns, really strong grasping plants are not suitable to display at home. Especially on both sides of the TV background wall, people often approach and move around. If they are placed, it is easy to cause damage to people. Should choose some round leaves, leafy plants, preferably evergreen, or flowering plants, no better.

Notes on living room tiles Feng Shui

First, choose the floor material and color according to the hostess’s life

At the moment, people in the home decoration, commonly used floor materials are wood flooring, bamboo flooring, floor tiles, carpets, and some composite wood floors, and so on.

If the hostess numerology xylophilous, natural wood floor is preferred. But if like Mrs. Ma, numerology hi soil, and just wood grams, it is best to avoid the selection of wood flooring, stone and other five line of the earth’s raw materials, in order to Mrs. fortune to help the effect, and the wood floor, only for her fortune grams. The color of the floor is the same.

Two, the floor should be flat, but not too lubrication

The floor is flat, meaning the owner’s fortunes are smooth, and it prevents trips.

Some partners with pebbles dotted the ground, to create a natural inadvertently, but this uneven floor, and sometimes people fall into the chapter, but also means that the owner’s fortunes, rugged, not smooth worry.

The floor is too lubrication, accidentally let slip; people should notice at any time, which makes the energy can not relax, in a state of tension, over time, will have the energy to the occurrence of symptoms, especially the hostess at home time, the largest, was the biggest impact is.

Attention to living room tiles Feng Shui

Three, floor color to sedate, massiness is appropriate

The color of the floor, as far as possible to choose darker colors, and strive to calm, heavy, marking the foundation of deep, people can rely on the feeling.

We have talked about in front of the floor color to the hostess to Numerology Xiji resolution, and how heavy the floor color to be?

This is due to the fact that even the same five lines of color are still the same. For example, yellow, yellow color series of the same five line of soil, including: deep orange, orange yellow, light orange, lemon yellow, yellow corn, olive yellow, straw yellow, mustard yellow, apricot yellow, egg yolk, Garcinia, ivory yellow, yellow, yellow, fluorescent yellow, golden sand deep yellow, brown, yellow, grey yellow, beige, yellow, bright yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow etc..

This requires us to choose the darker yellow as the color of the floor rather than the pale yellow.

Four, choose auspicious floor patterns

No matter floor tile, carpet, still be wooden floor, above all have picture, all with meaning auspicious is better.

Some partners like to look for the beauty of the features, and show them when they choose the floor. The common picture that has the meaning of “luck” is too vulgar.

Editor’s summary: read so much relevant information, we have a more in-depth understanding of feng shui home, and if your home is also related taboos, it is best to correct oh. About marble tiles, background wall Feng Shui taboos related information, we introduced here, and I hope this article will help you. If you don’t understand anything, you can leave a message for me in the bottom. Oh, we will answer for you as soon as possible.

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