Far from the heat of summer, air quality ranks 0

With the arrival of summer, people’s demand for air-conditioning is urgent, and many people are concerned about the quality of air conditioning. Air conditioning market is becoming more and more large, and now the air conditioning market brands are various, which brand is a good brand, so that many people can not find out, what is the quality of air-conditioning rankings? Next, let’s take a look at the air conditioner quality rankings.

Air quality ranked 1, the United States

Beauty beauty group founded in 1968, is a household electrical appliance industry, the logistics involved in the field of large-scale comprehensive modern enterprise group, owns three listed companies, four industry groups, China is the largest white goods production base and export base for one.

Air quality ranked 2, GREE

Air conditioning is made by GREE; GREE air visibility is very high, only a short while ago, GREE air-conditioning is synonymous with excellent air conditioning products such praise, what brand of air conditioning can be compared.

Air conditioning quality ranked 3, CHIGO

We believe that for Chigo Air conditioning or have a certain understanding, the research for many years makes air conditioning design capability, manufacturing capacity and technological level, tend to the international level, some even beyond the Japanese technology such as noise control and cooling technology.

Air quality ranked 4, Hisense

Hisense group introduced inverter air conditioning technology from Japan in 1996, and became the first domestic inverter air-conditioner in the following year. With its strong technical support and rich products, Hisense air conditioning has been occupying an important position in the market.

Air quality ranked 5, Haier

Haier is the world’s first brand of white goods, founded in 1984 Chinese Qingdao, Haier brand refrigerators, air conditioning, washing machine, water heater, TV, computer, mobile phone, Home Furnishing integration of the 19 products were rated as Chinese brands, including Haier refrigerator, washing machine has also been named the first Chinese world famous national quality inspection administration.

Air quality ranked 6, AUX

AUX group has experienced more than 20 years of history, has made 1000 times across the development, now has total assets of 8 billion yuan, 30 thousand employees, involved in electric power, energy, communication appliances, four manufacturing and real estate, medical, logistics three major investment projects, and has formed a production base of 3 square kilometers.

Air quality ranked 7, Daikin

Daikin products are renowned market products, Daikin product quality, its products production strictly, there is no a tiny bit careless, it makes Daikin has high quality products, but also won the praise of consumers.

About air conditioning quality ranking, I will introduce this, and I hope to help you, more decoration information, in the family network, please look forward to.

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