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In modern home decoration process, the bathroom door is an indispensable category of decorative products. Because the bathroom is humid, the ventilation is not very good, so it is different from the ordinary bedroom door. So, when we choose, we need to choose according to our own situation. Well, do you know how to choose the door of the bathroom? What is the difference between toilet door and other door? I believe that friends in need of this regard, is one of the topics of great concern. If you do not know how to choose the door of the bathroom, you might as well follow me to find out how to choose the bathroom door!

Bathroom door introduction

Because the bathroom is humid, the ventilation is not very good, so it is different from the ordinary bedroom door. Therefore, when we choose, we need to choose according to their own conditions, toilet door mainly has the following characteristics:

1, bathroom door moisture resistance and deformation resistance.

2, bathroom door permeability and privacy.

3, bathroom door and door position choice.

Bathroom door style

Bathroom door style according to different categories to be divided into many kinds.

According to the use of points, there are anti-theft, sound insulation, waterproof, explosion-proof, fire, automatic, clean, password, moisture-proof, radiation, roller blinds, and other.

There are open, push-pull, translational, rolling, folding, rotating, and other parts according to the opening method.

According to the style, there are European, simple, Chinese, modern, classical, Korean, fashionable, fresh and other.

How to choose the door of the family bathroom?

To use the general Home Furnishing renovation process in the bathroom is mostly two kinds, one is to decorate a larger space and dry wet partition of the products; the other is a relatively small space, and decoration products under the condition of not gate area. For the wet and dry division of the bathroom door, according to the consumer’s own favorite to set, and for the general can not partition the bathroom, in the choice of bathroom door, you can consider from the following aspects:

1, choose to use assured but not pretty plastic door, its moisture-proof performance is superior.

2, the choice of steel sheet, wood core of the door, waterproof, but the door is not many styles, there is little room for choice;

3, selection of aluminum and magnesium alloy material, waterproof performance, style, color rich, other needless to say, you can see that the thickness of light material quality, as long as good quality, the use of such doors should be the best choice;

4, choose stainless steel plus glass doors, waterproof and use functions are good, but the price is relatively high, the use of ordinary living room decoration is not cost-effective. In addition, all frosted treatment, semi glass door type is also a good choice for bathroom doors.

Family bathroom door how to choose size?

Bathroom, if you wash the sink to the size of small points, but it will not affect the aisle space. If you leave outside, you don’t have to consider the size of the bathroom, but it takes up aisle space. This situation generally choose to do the wall side sliding door, can also be made into a folding door, 80 door wide.

The door is connected with door and door, door general thickness is 3 to 5 cm, 2 is 6 to 10 cm, the minimum width of the bathroom door in 60CM. Bathroom door size choice also need to consider manufacturers and brands, each manufacturer of size and color, as well as the entire room style influence is different. Extra attention is needed in choosing.

Editor’s summary: the above is the family bathroom door how to choose, build fashion, concealing space related presentations, hoping to help friends in this regard! For more information, please continue to focus on our website. The follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also go to the Qijia shopping mall to buy more of your favorite products!

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