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The exterior wall stone has decorative effect, it has very good durability, not only can maintain the exterior beauty of the building, but also can prolong the renovation cycle of the building. And the use of a wide range of hotels, clubs, villas and other places. Then, the small series for everyone to introduce the selection of external wall stone and external wall stone installation notice.

Exterior wall stone selection

1, physical properties

The physical properties of stone are very strong, and it must endure the destruction of many external forces such as gravity, temperature, vibration and so on. Therefore, the strength of stone must be high, especially the stone installed in high position.

2, chemical properties

Stone must be weathering, hydration, dissolution and other chemicals have considerable resistance. To do this, stone must be waterproof.

3, water absorption

Stone water absorption is very strong, in the exposed atmosphere, the stone internal mineral coordination is bad, such as limestone, acid will dissolve table, forming calcium sulfate, lead to sandstone collapse, etc..

Exterior wall stone installation notice

1, the height of the operator should undergo physical examination, for serious heart disease, hypertension, anemia, carbuncle and other unfit for height operations, are not allowed to engage in high altitude operations.

2, height personnel, clothing should be light, tidy, tight mouth, prohibit barefoot, wear high heels, slippers or with nails, easy slippery shoes.

3, height operators, prohibit climbing scaffolding or structural framework of vertical transport equipment, prohibit the absence of protective walls and the installation of solid pipes do not have access.

4, before work, we must first check scaffolding, springboard and other protective equipment, if there are unsafe problems should come out in a timely manner, not to use.

5. Tools for aerial action shall be placed in a stable and secure place. Shall not be overloaded, piled up, piled up, and shall be prevented from falling. All materials shall not be thrown up and down.

In 6, some of the vertical, pedestrian passageways, elevator mouth, must set up effective and reliable protection facilities, where the two layer on the stereo operation. To shelter shed or take other quarantine measures, otherwise no operation.

7, in the construction, the following to install safety nets, and decoration to below two, can be removed.

In 8, indoor ceiling lamp, more than 5M and the length of eaves ceiling construction, to the erection of scaffolding, and laying a safety net, one pass operation below is prohibited, many places need to set up a vehicle parking stone, vehicular traffic.

9, there have been bad weather, typhoon six, or heavy rain, etc., to stop work.

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