Environmental protection transformation urgent for Coatings Enterprises

[] recently about environmental issues discussed is very enthusiastic, following Jing Chai’s “under the dome”, after NPC and CPPCC, Premier Li Keqiang in the government report also mentioned the environmental protection to “ iron fisted control ”. In January 1st this year, the implementation of the new law on environmental protection, including paint, including home enterprises buckle “ magic ”. Environmental protection strictly governance, coating enterprises is undoubtedly a challenge, but also opportunities, so that enterprises have an opportunity to upgrade and transform.
The demand for green consumption is gradually strong
It is understood that with the consumer “ environmentally friendly low-carbon ” increasingly conscious, their awareness of the purchase of paint is also more intense awareness. In the past, consumers buy paint may consider the most is the price, but with the increasing living standard, people are more and more the pursuit of quality of life, the kitchen as a piece of treasure the most important family in the paint naturally comfortable use assured. Therefore, the coating business is now doing, is to update their thinking, from simple green products, to pre-sales, after-sales service, comprehensive green, leading consumers green consumption.
Paint companies talk about environmental protection needs to be implemented
However, environmental protection is not just talk about the line, take a product out of “ &rdquo, just as a sell; this product is environmentally friendly products, this is completely impractical, paint companies should fulfill a corporate social responsibility. Judging from the current market, many enterprises in brand promotion in high-profile claims to be “ green ” products, but in the actual production, not to care about whether the material is not real environmental protection, improve their backward production process, in fact is not truly “ green ” &ldquo, is green; environmental protection ” as a means of speculation business promotion. Global coatings network believes that paint enterprises should eventually “ green ” to implement. From the selection, production, to finished products need to be checked, creating a real sense of environmental protection coatings, so it is qualified to say that the sale of environmentally friendly products.
Under the background of the general improvement of consumer health consciousness, the fire of green environmental protection is more and more flourishing in the coating industry. With the increasingly fierce competition in the coating market, enterprises can adapt to this green consumption trend, to meet the green demand of consumers, in order to stand firm in the war without smoke.

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