Environmental protection road ushered in new challenges, flooring enterprises environmental changes need to step by step

[Abstract] in recent years, with the rapid development of society, people’s living environment has been constantly changed, and the improvement of living standards has affected people’s consumption concept to a certain extent. At present, the green home as a new type of environmental protection concept is deeply rooted, and the flooring industry as a member of the home building materials industry, naturally conform to this concept, ushered in the development.
The trend of green environmental protection has become a new direction of enterprise development
As things stand, consumers prefer to pay more expensive prices for products that are truly green when buying floor products. A brand of environmental protection, not only in the product itself, but also in the brand’s forward-looking. In the pursuit of more healthy life years, who don’t block in environmental appreciation, who can only be eliminated in the shuffle tide removed, left is thoroughly tempered hero, will shine in the market.
Therefore, in recent years, the improvement and improvement of environmental protection technology has become the trend of many flooring enterprises. However, with the January 1, 2015, known as China’s history of the most stringent new “environmental law” was formally implemented, the flooring enterprise’s environmental protection road is also facing a greater degree of challenges. Although green environmental protection has become the main direction of the development of the industry, but it is clear that enterprises on this road also need to make greater efforts.
Environmental changes in flooring enterprises need to start with details
After the implementation of the new environmental law, although the industry will not face great difficulties, but a new round of reform is spreading, followed by the possibility of rising floor product costs. “ due to environmental protection raw materials and related equipment costs are rising, the future floor product prices also have risen may, after all now many flooring enterprises are operating profit, the cost of the price rise a great impetus. “&rdquo,” says the head of a floor brand.
But in the face of increasingly stringent environmental law, flooring companies want to achieve environmental reform in the short term is obviously unrealistic. For small and medium-sized flooring enterprises, it is difficult to rectify and complete the standard, of which funds are the main factors hindering their reform. Among them, the high environmental protection equipment has been in a small profit situation for SMEs, it is difficult to bear. From the industry as a whole, there are some parts of the process has not met the environmental standards of new technologies can be replaced, and the process improvement is not a single enterprise can be completed, the need for upstream and downstream enterprises to work together.
Therefore, in the face of strict environmental protection law enforcement, flooring enterprises will undoubtedly usher in a greater challenge. Environmental background of the reform in the short term can not, companies can only step by step, implementation of environmental protection to every detail, to win the long-term development in the future of environmental protection of the wind blowing on the market.

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