Enterprises and distributors win-win cooperation, integrated ceiling intelligent first mover advantage

[the current home industry alliance thinking has been strengthened, whether it is peer collaboration or alliances, the development trend is a good faction. At the same time, the wind was blowing more intelligent Home Furnishing more strong, domestic first-tier cities in the development of intelligent Home Furnishing increasingly youmoyouyang, consumers of Home Furnishing experience increasing demand but also makes the whole industry is Home Furnishing have entered the field of intelligent multi industry. Integrated ceiling of the entire house will cover the entire ceiling ceiling, in the hardware of intelligent devices have a greater advantage.
Win-win cooperation
Between the enterprise and the dealer is not only a kind of commercial behavior, but also a cooperative behavior. Collaboration is to enterprises and dealers in thinking, ideas and other values are unified, equivalent to form a common force between manufacturers and distributors. A win-win situation, this is a goal for manufacturers to pursue, whether it is in the business or dealers in the process of operation, to achieve this common goal.
Consumers decoration ceiling, the traditional approach is a designer, then by the consumer to the Internet or building materials market products, but the selection of products, he would only be able to close or similar programs to perform. In addition, in the construction process, he will encounter many difficulties, such as smallpox design.
Home intelligent is an ongoing process
“ smart home ” in the market more and more prosperous; in “ intelligent ” understanding; integrated ceiling enterprises are different; how “ home intelligent ” can make it in the name?
At present, many enterprises in this piece has a direction of development, hope that through the efforts of the whole team together to research and develop a mature intelligent Home Furnishing system, also plans to integrate a number of partners, and they are intelligent Home Furnishing field research and development have a certain foundation.
Integrated ceiling enterprises in the field of smart home development has first mover advantage
In fact, the integrated ceiling industry is just in the attempt and exploration of this stage, the development direction of intelligent Home Furnishing, do the ceiling of the enterprise is the first mover advantage, like intelligent sensing and so on, is to have a storage space, then the space from Home Furnishing decoration to speak, the amount of play is the top the largest of these enterprises, so the integrated ceiling industry in the future will be in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing development of this block will form some mainstream.

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