Enterprise development period is different, integrated ceiling culture to ​ capricious

] culture permeates all fields, whether it is the construction of socialist culture advocated by politics or the enterprise culture in economic development. Integrated ceiling as a member of the home, the culture has a significant impact on the development of enterprises. Here, integrated ceiling enterprises need to pay attention to the development process, whether it is the internal structure of the enterprise or culture, are changing at all times.
Enterprise culture should not be changed only by tradition, but not by flexibility
The corporate culture not only traditional, real springhead is to have a “ flexible ” enterprise culture. The status quo is not a wise choice. Integrated ceiling enterprise is originally a life cycle of life, the constant enterprise culture road and the growth of enterprises growing demand, there will inevitably be contradictions.
And “ flexible ” corporate culture, is a concrete analysis of specific issues. It requires the integrated ceiling enterprises first see their status, according to the reality of the development of enterprises to adjust the structure of enterprise culture and concept, forms, make enterprise culture and life integration, enterprise culture itself also gives a good growth opportunity, so as to realize bianzetong, general of the.
Different stages of development, integrated ceiling enterprises demand different
Therefore, in accordance with the development cycle of integrated ceiling enterprises, enterprises can be divided into start-up, development, maturity and decline – transition period of four growth stages. Because each stage of growth has different social, political, economic and cultural environment, so different stages of integrated ceiling enterprises have different demands for culture. Even at the same stage of development enterprises, due to different development methods and paths, will also have different cultural needs.
Therefore, it is necessary to sort out the growth stage and cultural demands. The characteristics of integrated ceiling culture in different stages of development are very obvious, and the methods of cultural construction are also emphasized.
The emphasis of integrated ceiling enterprise culture construction is different
The initial stage of enterprise culture, mainly for the newly established enterprises to establish a spiritual banner, this time, integrated ceiling, enterprise leaders’ value orientation and cognition is the most important.
To seek development, integrated ceiling enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions is key to consider cultural differences between enterprises; through the vertical group of the development of enterprises to establish a “ a multi master ” group culture; for the single development of enterprises according to market demand, may it should focus on enterprise culture renewal and promotion.
As for the integrated ceiling enterprises entering the mature stage, how to build a green house is the first consideration, so it is necessary to upgrade from cultural construction to cultural management.
The integrated ceiling enterprises decline – the transition period, to the original dead end into a bend in the road, it also needs the cultural guidance, this culture will mainly make cultural reconstruction according to the enterprise strategic transformation.

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