Enter the new era of paint brand, product and culture perfect integration

[] with the improvement of living standards, people in the home has been changed according to the demand of function and cultural needs in contemporary culture highlight the taste of stage, paint companies need to start to get rid of the past blindly high quality and inexpensive label, but will Home Furnishing culture as added value contained in the product, to meet consumer needs to keep pace with the times, so in order to win broader market space.
Coatings companies should integrate culture into their products
Data show that with decades of rapid economic development, people’s material life has been unprecedented level of satisfaction, consumer demand has become more and more rich with the concept of aesthetic requirements. More consumers think the brand culture is very important, which directly influence factors of brand culture in product design, brand awareness, brand, service and maintenance activities, store image, which is to sum up, consumers want to enjoy brand products to provide service, can also produce a psychological and emotional attribution sense.
Paint and other home products as the most common daily necessities in life, began to meet the basic needs. With the development of society, the choice of home products, such as paints, has risen from meeting the demand to art, aesthetics and even higher collection stage. In order to meet the requirements of the times, the coating industry integrates culture into the brand era.
Meet the increasing consumer demand for mental health
When the majority of coating industry enterprises are still concerned about their own sales channels, there are some high-end paint brands began to try to allow consumers to love the brand itself. A paint dealer said that no special favor leave no special impression, in social development, consumer demand has been updated, the current wave of corporate culture packaging coatings industry set off, the reason is the brand in seeking to cater for the needs of the consumers, especially how to meet the spirit of high-end consumer groups demand is becoming a trend of the development of the coatings market.
This requires coating Home Furnishing practitioners the scientific concept of development and establish innovation consciousness, master basic theoretical knowledge of inheritance and innovation, to the development of Dialectics of cultural heritage, follow the objective law of national culture progress. The materials, functions, varieties, categories, shapes and styles, structures and techniques are studied in depth, and new creations and new forms are designed and created so as to realize the new transformation.

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