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At the end of the cleaning is China tradition, but at the end of the cleaning is not an easy thing, especially the doors and windows, exposed to the weather, how to clean, fast and clean? The following Xiaobian to introduce common doors and windows cleaning and daily maintenance Raiders, together to understand it.

Part1: clean, welcome, new year, different materials door cleaning and maintenance

The door is the first impression of the home, and the visitor always does not enter the house to see the door. The cleanliness and cleanliness of the door directly reflect whether the owner’s living habits are good or not. Many categories of doors, according to material points, mainly solid wood doors, steel doors and stainless steel doors. Here are some of these doors cleaning and maintenance methods.

First, the solid wood door cleaning conservation

Solid wood door uses natural logs in the forest as door core, with natural environmental protection, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and other characteristics. At the same time, solid wood door also has excellent sound insulation performance. The process of making solid wood doors is complicated. High-grade wood, such as dark brown walnut and light brown cherry, is often expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care of it when cleaning and curing.

Two. Clean maintenance of steel doors

The steel door is made of steel and wood, and the door leaf is welded or welded by the steel plate, and the door surface is made of paint or paint. Steel doors are also commonly used in homes, and almost every home has them. But how to clean and maintain the steel door and make it longer life is what most housewives don’t know. How to clean and maintain the steel door is introduced below.

The relationship between the whole face of steel wood interior doors, steel doors in the removal of surface stains, use a soft cotton cloth wipe, hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface; should pay attention to the neutral reagent or water soaked cloth should not be placed in the steel doors of the surface long time, otherwise it will harm the surface of dip, the surface discoloration or decorative material stripping. Steel door maintenance and solid wood door maintenance is almost the same, you can refer to solid wood door maintenance methods.

Three, stainless steel door cleaning maintenance

Stainless steel door cleaning

Stainless steel door is made of stainless steel material is machined into the door, the main material is stainless steel and wooden board so as to take advantage of, can play the role of anti-theft door, often Ruhumen, therefore affect the cleanliness of Home Furnishing face greater. Therefore, if the house is made of stainless steel door, it must be cleaned before the year.

The doors and windows doors and windows maintenance

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