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Elevators can be found everywhere in our lives. A lift is a vertical elevator powered by an electric motor, fitted with a box pod for multi-storey buildings, passengers, or freight. There are also step type, step board mounted on the track running continuously, commonly known as automatic elevator. Elevators are common, but do you know all these elevator brands? Next, I’ll find out about the elevator with Xiao Bian. Which one is OK?.


List the reasons: Shanghai MITSUBISHI elevator brand products accumulated sales volume of more than 500 thousand units in 30 years, continues to introduce the maintenance installation elevator represents the advanced level of the world, is committed to the scale, standardization, differentiated service promotion and brand building, build three-dimensional marketing service network coverage. In the first half of 2014, Shanghai MITSUBISHI elevator, elevator installation and maintenance services revenue over 1 billion 800 million yuan.

NO.2: KONE elevator (KONE)

List of reasons: founded in 1910 in Finland KONE group, is the world’s elevator and escalator industry leader. In December 1996, KONE Group invested $29 million in Kunshan registered KONE Elevator Co. Ltd., more than 10 years has made considerable progress, especially since 2005, KONE to more than 20% annual growth rate, the escalator suppliers become the fastest elevator industry development China China international brands and market share of the top three.

NO.3: Hitachi (China) elevator (HITACHI)

List the reasons: as the supporting industry of real estate and infrastructure construction, Hitachi elevator into China, in 19 years, &ldquo 2013~2014; annual Chinese most respected enterprises awards ceremony held at the Renmin University of China, ” Hitachi elevator and Vanke, new world real estate, IBM and other 30 companies won the annual “ China most respected enterprises &rdquo the title, Hitachi elevator; (China) Limited became the only award of the elevator manufacturing and service enterprises.

NO.4: Thyssen (Thyssen)

List the reasons: Sen lift ranked 2014 in the Fortune 500 under 197th in Thyssen Krupp group, its predecessor was founded in 1876 1818, and Thyssen Krupp group THYSSENKRUPP group, founded in 1999, the current annual revenues of more than $52 billion 200 million. As one of the world’s three largest elevator and escalator manufacturer, Thyssen Krupp is the only one who can provide complete product delivery system of manned full range of suppliers

NO.5: Otis (China Austria group) (OTIS)

List of reasons: Otis Elevator Co is a wholly owned subsidiary of the United States United Technologies Company (United Technologies). United Technologies Company ranked 141st in fortune’s 500 global fortune in 2004, and for 4 consecutive years topped the fortune’s most admired aerospace companies. In 2003, United Technologies Company created $31 billion in revenue, with assets of more than $34 billion 600 million

NO.6: Xizi Otis (XIZI OTIS)

List the reasons: Xizi Otis company was founded in March 1997, is the United States United Technologies Company building and industrial system’s Otis Elevator in Hua Zi company, is a vertical elevator, the world famous escalators and passenger conveyors manufacturers and service providers, provide elevator products and maintenance services to more than 200 countries and regions in the world. Xizi Otis for nine consecutive years to maintain the Chinese energy-saving elevator industry leading China; maintain the elevator industry for thirteen consecutive years, thanks to the green development strategy, Xizi Otis also plays a positive role in the country’s rail transportation and other government public construction projects.

NO.7: Waxman (VOLKSLIFT)

List the reasons: Waxman (Chinese) Elevator Co. Ltd. is a famous professional elevator brand Waxman joint ventures in China, as a foreign investment enterprise approved by the people’s Government of Zhejiang Province, with the national A-level elevator manufacturing and installation maintenance qualification grade. The company registered capital of 258 million yuan, a total investment of 460 million yuan; one or two companies total factory covers an area of 225 acres, the test tower 108 meters high, built 7.0m\/s ultra high speed elevator

NO.8: Schindler (Schindler)

List of reasons: Schindler group, founded in 1874 in Switzerland, is the world’s leading supplier of elevators, escalators and related services. Schindler operates in more than 100 countries and territories, with 50000 employees and delivers one billion passengers a day worldwide. Schindler entered China in 1980 and established China’s first industrial joint venture, and completed its sole proprietorship in 2006.

NO.9: Toshiba (TOSHIBA)

List the reasons: in May 2014, Toshiba announced the day before the elevator Corporation, in order to better serve the world’s largest elevator market — — Chinese in the market, launched a green machineroomless elevator products &ldquo SPACEL- III; ” and the small machine room elevator products &ldquo ELCOSMO- III; ” then, to further expand the non-standard type lift loading and speed range also began selling, in order to enrich the product lineup. As a world-renowned manufacturer of Toshiba elevator, elevator adhere to “ the customer moved, is our constant pursuit of ” business philosophy, after 17 years of unremitting efforts, Toshiba Elevator Co. Ltd. (China) made remarkable achievements in the aspects of peer production, elevator installation and maintenance, by users and government departments recognition and awards.

NO.10: Fujitec (FUJITEC)

List the reasons: Fujitec is only able to lift into the European market the products of Japan elevator manufacturers. The only Fujitec is Japan’s manufacturers specializing in elevator elevator enterprises. Fushida occupy a space for one person to lift the outstanding function of humanization, energy saving and environmental protection technology in elevator industry

Summary: through small series of elevator ten brands list, my friends is not on the elevator which is better understood now, in addition to small provided ten elevator brands, in fact, there are many other elevator brand comparison, Xiao Bian here is not in the list to one by one, hope to help yo.

The elevator brand Toshiba elevator elevator lift attic loft Elevator.

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