Electricity supplier surging, flooring enterprises should pay attention to the construction of the system offline

[Abstract] in recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet era, the flooring industry has also ushered in a change in the development model. Whether it is product sales or channel widening, the floor enterprise products are to some extent relaxed the restrictions on sales space. Now, some of the floor enterprises have “ electric shock ” the prospects seem great, but want to achieve the desired effect of development, enterprises need to pay attention to the construction of the system offline.
The price system is chaotic and the service system restricts the development of the electricity supplier
Flooring industry “ electricity supplier ” prices are sensitive. All along, the flooring industry complex price system makes people feel deep water “ ”, inflated, various rebate, rebate, so that consumers get confused, for bargain exhausted. In recent years, with some brands have been built online shopping mall, the floor of the industry well-known brands will also report to Tmall, &ldquo floor; electricity supplier ” start slowly, its core strategy is to challenge the traditional channels with low price.
In fact, the floor products and clothing, food is different, and its delivery, installation and maintenance and after-sales aspects of the product itself is almost equally important. In recent years, although the individual flooring brands online sales volume from time to time a “ &rdquo, “ but the last mile; ” the problem has been hindered the pace of industry business.
Fought offline system, enterprises need to focus on after-sales service
Since last year, the domestic industry Home Furnishing moved to O2O from B2C in succession, including Wuxi Guangyi Home Furnishing net just on the line. This pattern is to seize the online business platform through search for product information to consumers, the guide line, a variety of preferential interaction, product information consumption, and the next line of business to provide sales and customer service tracking service.
At present, the home appliance business flagship is a single brand of standardized products, consumers’ personalized experience and integrated design requirements can not be fully met. As Ma Yun said, electricity providers and traditional business must be interspersed and mutual aid, the Home Furnishing industry, future business platform brand stores and design companies try under the joint line, with more diverse &ldquo for consumers; private custom &rdquo type experience.

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