Electricity providers popular, paint companies rational treatment

[] to buy gifts which is of course, special purchases for the Spring Festival? Online shopping! With changes in consumer shopping, paint and other industries are also on the Home Furnishing “ &rdquo business; pay attention to this issue. However, looking at the entire home industry, electricity providers currently account for less than 5% of the market share. Therefore, the good prospects for the electricity supplier, paint companies need to be cautious.
Electricity supplier is eroding traditional channels
As a traditional home building materials industry, the coating industry is now under the impact of the Internet, but also had to be affected. At present, the development trend of e-commerce is very swift and violent, and this new developing mode is constantly &ldquo, eroding &rdquo, and developing the current pattern of the coating industry. In the face of irresistible electricity supplier trends, coating enterprises in the development model on how to choose, has become an urgent need to face the problem of enterprises.
In recent years, paint companies facing from various aspects of the market pressure, rising rental costs, serious homogenization, under the coating industry ills in all sorts of industries, is also deeply brought to the traditional development mode of electric shock. In the new round of reshuffle of the industry, the arrival of the revolution, paint enterprises need to change the mentality in this market competition of the survival of the fittest and improve the added value of products and services.
Paint enterprises remain rational and objective
For coating enterprises, in the electricity supplier under the impact of electricity supplier coating has become the trend of the times. Also coating brands, in order to develop channels to test the electricity supplier platform, although small gains, but consumers still buy paint products bias shop. However, as far as the coating industry is concerned, the enterprises can not abandon the traditional development model and rely solely on the electricity supplier. Coating enterprises electronic business platform is also affected by many factors, in logistics, installation, after-sales service will also have a long way to go.
Therefore, in the electricity supplier trend approaching, paint enterprises ready to come, to meet the new model understandable. But before the transformation and upgrading of the revolution began, paint companies to treat new models still need to maintain a rational, objective attitude, so as to achieve the ideal goal of development in the electricity supplier road.

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