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Ecological wood ceiling is a more popular in recent years, it is a kind of &ldquo Greener Wood ” plastic composite material; material resin and wood fiber materials and polymer materials are mixed, according to a certain proportion by high temperature, extrusion and molding processes into a certain shape. Compared with logs, eco wood is a new type of wood which is more environmentally friendly and energy saving than logs. It has almost natural texture of wood and is an internationally advanced environmental protection product. Well, then the small series for everyone to introduce ecological wood ceiling and ecological wood ceiling advantages.

How about ecological wooden ceiling?

A kind of ecological wood ceiling is ecological wood products, simply ecological wood and logs is relative, it is a new type of wood logs more than environmental protection and energy saving, it almost has the natural texture of wood, is the leading technology of the international environmental protection product. The ecological wood has good stability, has the characteristics of solid wood in physics, and has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-corrosion, heat insulation and so on. In the production of ecological wood added in the light and heat stability, anti ultraviolet radiation and low temperature impact resistance modifier, so it also has anti ultraviolet properties and weather resistance, aging resistance and strong, will not deteriorate, cracking and embrittlement performance.

Advantages of ecological wooden ceiling

1, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, non deformation

Eco wood and ordinary wood products, metal products are more waterproof, moisture-proof. It can be used directly in the dry and wet environment at zero 70 degrees Celsius – minus 20 degrees Celsius in bad weather conditions, without deformation, cracking, warping, mildew and corrosion.

2, wide range of uses

Can be widely used in all kinds of garden, leisure entertainment, commercial exhibition space and luxury homes, households outside the wall top surface shape and ground floor use.

3, environmental protection, pollution-free

The processing of ecological wooden ceiling does not emit industrial waste, and raw materials do not contain toxic substances. Home decoration does not require toxic substances. Make it from production to user use of the whole process of environmental protection without pollution. Home decoration is now one of the preferred materials.

4, rich colors, random shapes

The products are rich in color, and can be arbitrarily shaped in the form of music, straight, block, line and surface, which can fully satisfy the designer’s endless imagination and creative inspiration. Ecological wood color: sub pomelo, teak, rosewood, golden tan, silver, walnut, black walnut, walnut, dark mahogany, rosewood light, cedar (white), cherry (pink)

5, comfortable and natural

Having natural affinity for wood and the appearance of logs.

6, unique three-dimensional feeling

Eco wood ceiling itself is three-dimensional, regular decoration, there is a good sense of three-dimensional. And ecological wooden ceiling can be arbitrary shape design, the effect of three-dimensional feeling stronger.

7, long service life

The service life of the product can be up to 15 years.

8, make full use of resources and protect the environment

Decorative effect close to solid wood, very good, and now solve the shortage of solid wood decoration agent waste of resources. The wood powder used by the ecological wood is processed from scattered wood which can not be directly used, thereby improving the utilization of wood resources. Thus, a good environment protection is achieved.

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