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With the improvement of people’s living standard, people are becoming more and more demanding for decoration and environmental protection, which makes people choose environmental protection as the standard. Among them, eco board is a kind of eco board, as its name suggests, is a more environmentally friendly sheet. So, eco board environmental protection? Next, with the small series together to understand.

Are eco boards environmentally friendly?

No matter what the plate, at the time of manufacturing will have more or less glue, so forming sheet will release formaldehyde, but in a certain concentration on the human body harmless, but consumers recognize the quality of sheet metal at the same time, the most should pay attention to is used in wood furniture formaldehyde release amount. Formaldehyde content of building materials products depends mainly on the raw materials and products used in the production process of glue properties. From a professional point of view, there is no &ldquo in the plank class; the eco board &rdquo.

Six advantages of eco board

1, waterproof, moisture-proof

The furniture is mainly used in particleboard, MDF, moisture-proof, they do not turn on the water, especially in the use of bathroom, make consumers feel a headache, but the ecological plate adopts waterproof solid wood multilayer board, just to make up for this defect.

2, nail holding power is good

Ecological plate nail holding ability will be a lot more than particleboard, MDF, so in the furniture once particleboard, MDF furniture somewhere bad it is very difficult to repair, especially office drawer is broken, can not repair, if the paint board furniture is one part of the ecological bad, you can do it yourself horse repair.

3, save money, labor-saving, cost-effective

The family decoration is the main board, paint, such as high cost, and environmental protection, after renovation, need some time to live, and good ecological plate furniture and decoration can stay, save the cost and shorten the check-in time.

4, environmental protection, E1, E0 standards:

Now many plates can only meet the E2 standard, while the eco board can reach E1, E0 standards.

5, high grade, beautiful and practical:

Now, people are getting higher and higher grades of furniture, and eco board furniture made very personality, in line with market trends, to meet consumer demand.

6 、 good durability:

Eco board has a good durability, surface color to ensure that it does not fade

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