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I believe that many people in life will encounter drainage, sewage pipe blockage problems, so that many people feel unusual headache. When the sewage pipe is installed, the pipe is accidentally dropped into the foreign body or the blockage caused by the installation error. Some of them are caused by scaling when the sewage pipe is used for a period of time, which affects the normal discharge of the sewage. Next, with the small series together to understand drainage, sewage pipe dredge.

Drainage drainage pipeline dredging – blocking reasons

The sewage pipe plays an important role in our normal life, before the sewage pipe dredge, must understand the specific reasons of sewage pipes clogged, so in the open process can be more effective and fast. Because it contains a lot of suspended solids in sewage and sewage pipe, such as organic debris, large particles of sediment, metal powder, when the sewage pipe flow, small flow and density and particle size was bigger, the sewage settling velocity and the settlement is large, so it is easy to cause the sewage pipe jam. So how to dredge the sewage pipeline? The following is a detailed introduction to the dredging of sewage pipes.

Dredging and cleaning method for drainage and sewage pipe

With the continuous social, sewage pipes are widely used in our daily life, but the sewage pipe cleaning is a very annoying thing, clean up the sewage pipe method is firstly carried out drainage of sewage pipes, can be used in slurry pump and sewage pipe sewage of sewage pipes were excluded, piecewise clear, then the high-pressure water tankers will have the sewage pipe section of the internal progress of irrigation, silt dilution, followed by sewage suction truck mud suction clean, and finally the use of high pressure cleaning vehicle for cleaning sewage pipes.

Drainage sewage pipe dredge – cleaning notes

In the clean-up of some large sewage pipes must pay attention, the sewage pipe is ventilated, the sewage pipeline construction in the construction personnel, must use the blower ventilation and wear necessary safety belts, gas masks, etc. in the oxygen tank, the sewage pipeline cleaning after the completion of the sewage pipe in the remaining brick and stone part, silt and other residues on manual cleaning, attention to sewage pipeline cleaning must be on the upstream of the sewage pipeline plugging, to prevent silt inflow affect the cleaning effect of upstream sewage pipes, sewage pipes in cleaning must be processed out of the mud and other impurities or.

Drainage and blowdown pipeline dredge – dredge

The city sewage pipe dredging method can be divided into: mechanical cleaning, hydraulic flushing and human dredge, bamboo (bamboo glass steel) dredge, dredge, dredge and drill winch with different methods of sewage pipe dredge dredging companies are generally some professional, the specific method is in need in the sewage pipe dredge on the side are respectively arranged immediately downstream, a winch, using bamboo or wearing a rope wire rope winch traction winch to another position, rely on the alternate action of pipe winch the tool in the sewage pipe in the upper and lower scratch line, so as to achieve passage of clearance, loose silt, pipe cleaning objective. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the dredging methods for sewage pipes are also increasing. In actual use, they can be appropriately chosen according to their needs.

Editor’s summary: about drainage, sewage pipe dredging introduced here, and I hope to help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the family network information.

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