Downturn in the property market, flooring enterprises are subject to “implicated”?

[] in recent years, the property market continues to slump, making the floor and other downstream industries market space constraints. Data show that in the past two years, many home building materials business and decoration company’s main growth point of second-hand housing renovation business orders have dropped sharply. In this situation, the development of the flooring enterprises still need to find the right direction and break through the counter.
Internal and external pressure interweave, flooring industry welcome weak city
As a result of a series of internal and external pressure on the market, resulting in prices of flooring products continued to rise, some merchants in the home market reflects the rental costs are not down. A floor distributor said that this year is its entry into the market for ten years, the highest rental, passenger flow at the least, the greatest pressure, the minimum income of the year. Indeed, in recent years, the demand for floor products has continued to shrink, passenger flow is low, the unit price is low, and because of the company’s “big household” strategy needs, but also increased operating pressure.
Throughout this year’s flooring market, the overall economic environment changes, flooring industry development is also slightly slow, even in the golden nine silver ten traditional peak season, the floor market is calm as water. And in 2014 has also been approaching the end, a new round of industry reshuffle will also begin, for the floor enterprises, this is also a new development opportunity. Therefore, the flooring enterprises should demand new breakthroughs, and constantly strengthen the brand design innovation, with a strong posture to greet the arrival of 2015.
Continuous improvement and innovation, flooring enterprises need active market
The floor industry is immersed in a downturn in the situation has become a reality, in the face of great pressure on the market, there are still some flooring enterprises did not sit still in positive changes. As a result of simple home building materials, professional stores have not enough to support the operation of the floor, so that some of the floor brands have begun to plan new channel models and siting ideas. Settled in a large shopping mall, has become a department store in the beautiful scenery, although the rent is high, but many people, sales volume, image accumulation and word of mouth effect is obvious.
In the current floor market, whether it is shopping or brand, have taken seriously the design sector, strengthening design innovation, to design to drive popularity and sales. Brand, many front-line brands pay more attention to the original design of products, product design and research and development. Another way of thinking is to provide space solutions for consumers, in addition to selling products, such as launching a large home strategy, a resident design team, providing one-stop design for customers, and so on.
In the face of stagnant flooring market, enterprises need to take a positive attitude to deal with weak market. No matter how big the market pressure is, only when the product design is constantly improved and innovative can not be eliminated by the market. Competition is the driving force, in the hot competition environment, enterprises actively innovation, in order to make great efforts to move forward.

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