Downturn in the industry situation or will continue, flooring enterprises 2015 need to adjust the strategic direction

[present] at the beginning of 2015, the flooring industry also ushered in a new year. Looking back on the past year, flooring enterprises can be described under the pressure of survival. Whether it is affected by the economic environment and become a downturn in the external environment, or the internal capital chain, technology research and development, service construction and other pressures, enterprises have finally gone through this difficult year. However, this year’s flooring market will be what?
2014 flooring market overall downturn
Last year, the flooring market or ten years trough. The maximum pressure, minimum income, 2014 has ended, this year, Home Furnishing building materials retail market fell again, great people look forward to the golden nine silvers ten effects are significantly reduced. Many home building materials business known as the most dismal ten years, many brands difficult to maintain, most of them in a loss. Many industry insiders estimate conservatively, due to changes in national policy and environment, the market will continue to decline this year, the fastest in 2016 is expected to improve.
Affected by the property market, the property market turnover in 2014, a record low, this will greatly constrain the downstream Home Furnishing retail building materials market space, and in the past two years, as many building materials furniture and decoration company in the main growth point of second-hand housing renovation business due to serious atrophy of second-hand housing transactions lead to reduced orders. The continued downturn in the property market, a direct result of the floor and other downstream industries sales, the market has been squeezed, and the huge property market inventory, for the floor enterprises, it is even worse.
Enterprises need to correct their attitude and actively seek change
The property market “golden nine silver ten” are no longer exist, the flooring industry’s “golden nine silver ten” effect is more precarious. Multiple pressures led to the inevitable result of closing shop tide, many brands reluctantly shrink front, many flooring companies are also shrinking production lines, in order to cope with sales crisis. Industry insiders pointed out that the Home Furnishing building materials industry, the traditional sales season is difficult to reach the expected goal, many enterprises have overwhelmed the floor have withdrawn from the market, the industry of the future market pessimism is remarkable.
For the flooring industry sales market, the industry pointed out that the large environmental depression is the main reason, and now consumers do not buy a single channel before, originally belonged to the physical store sales will be separated by the network. Then, when the market turns for the better? Many dealers believe that the focus of national policy direction, Home Furnishing building materials retail market next year will continue to decline, likely will be lower than this year, until 2016 will be improved significantly.
Although the market continued to decline, but the floor enterprises also do not need to blindly pessimistic, as long as to seek changes in product innovation and development thinking, can make an accurate prediction of the market, in part to avoid market risk, floor enterprise will not be in too much trouble in. Market opportunities will not disappear as the industry downturn, the key is to rely on enterprises to give full play to their subjective initiative.

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