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Doors and windows hardware fittings in home decoration is a small component, but it can not be ignored, it plays a very big role. Doors and windows is to rely on hardware accessories to complete the functions of doors and windows, hardware is the most vulnerable to wear and tear in the doors and windows of the product, but also one of the most common activities. The following small series for you to introduce doors and windows hardware accessories and what are the principles of door and window hardware accessories purchase?.

What are the hardware parts of doors and windows?

1 window opener

The window opener is mainly used to open the ventilation window with high position. The components of the window can determine the width of the window, and its deformation determines the ability of the window opener to adapt to different window types and different installation conditions. The operating parts may be in the form of a handle or rocker. There are manual window opener, manual window opener as long as the suspension and the upper and outer windows.

2 door closer

The main characteristics of closed door is closed slowly, and closed after the collision did not sound, it is mainly used for high-grade hotels on the door, door closers, sub horizontal and straight type two, equivalent to a hinge, can automatically close the doors and windows open.

3, hinge

Hinge should choose the axis, containing the ball bearing is better, when the choice of paint and electroplating brightness, determines the drawer open and close flexible and noise, should choose wear-resistant and rotating uniform bearing wheel.

4, handle

The shape of the handle is varied, and its main materials are aluminum, copper, stainless steel and so on. Through the plating handle, with wear-resistant and anti-corrosion role, when choosing, in addition to the room decoration style coincide with, but also should be able to withstand greater tension, play a protective role, so that the family is in a safe state.

5, bolt

A bolt is actually a simple part of preventing opening. It is an anti-theft part to prevent the door and window being opened from outside. The structure of the lock is much simpler, but the lock is outside the door and the bolt is in the door.

Door and window hardware accessories purchase principle

1, to select good sealing performance hinge, locks and slide rail. In the purchase time, you can Dora several times to see whether flexible and convenient.

2, buy locks to choose flexible, good performance, in the purchase time, you can try more than a few times, see smooth not smooth, the switch screwed up whether to save strength.

3, doors and windows hardware to choose good performance, choose and buy depends on the appearance of a bump, electroplating gloss, the handle will not be too rough.

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