Domestic glass steel coating resin for industry booming

As research techniques of glass steel foundation is becoming more and more mature and foreign advanced equipment and technology introduction, in recent years the domestic glass steel industry has been rapid development, expanding the variety of coating resin. Gel coat resin in variety and performance continues to improve, so that its application has been expanding, the gel coat resin in sanitary ware such as shower tub, bathtub, table, many areas of the shipbuilding industry such as yachts, lifeboats, patrol boats and other transportation industry, construction industry, entertainment industry, medical instrument shell, billboard the telephone booth, and security booths have been applied. Gel coat resin gel and gel coat color sub character. In the production process, the vast majority of cases are required to use the color coat. The past is adding colour gel paste in color gel coat in (also known as artificial pigment paste) by adjusting color and color, so the deployment of a large assembly in rubber products, such as cooling towers or large quantities of products, such as the production process in the field of sports often watch table seats made into color, seriously affect the products the beautiful. To overcome the drawbacks, improve the appearance quality of the products, the need for customers to produce achromatic colour gel. It is very necessary to develop a low styrene emission coating resin, and has very important practical significance, abroad has developed a lot of new gel coat resin.

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At present, the domestic production of colour gel enterprise, Ashland polyester (Kunshan) Co. Ltd. is the largest supplier of China colour gel, in order to provide customers with Ashland gelcoat faster and more timely services around the world (including Ashland polyester (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.) launched the INSTINT rapid automatic production system in the gel. The number of minutes for the customer to produce desired color color glue; Jinling Dsm company from DSM headquarters (with the world’s largest rubber factory) automatic production line equipment Eurotinter 1000t color gel coat the introduction of an annual output of the world’s most advanced computer, color matching, which is about fifth of the equipment in the world of color coat production pipeline; Jiangsu Fuling Chemical Co. Ltd. (Jiangsu Fuli chemical) also introduced a color gel coat color tone, advanced computer from students in Holland Production line; large state-owned enterprises (Tianma Group has a great influence on the domestic glass steel industry) and Yida chemical (Taiwan’s biggest coat factory, one of the main suppliers of Southeast Asia until the gel Taiwan owned enterprises) production of color matching system gel using the world’s most advanced computer color, then through color, maximum the degree of elimination due to the chromatic aberration caused by different batches of paste. The characteristics of colour gel Bei’an River glass steel production is a superpower.

The matrix gel coat resin is unsaturated polyester resin (UP), the production of UP production enterprises are mostly unsaturated polyester resins, according to incomplete statistics, in 2001 the annual sales volume of domestic coat around 20 thousand T, of which more than 3 thousand tons of colour gel. In recent years, the annual sales volume of each enterprise coat mostly by 10% to 30% growth, and the momentum is maintained, the market has the potential of visible coat. Although the market prospect is very good, is still very fierce competition, to gain a foothold in the industry, the need to have enough economic strength with high quality and low price, market share, or have become an independent school products, Bei’an River steel glass gel annual sales is not too big, but it has the air dry gel, radiation curing coating, and smashing rotten mold gel characteristics such as gel in the industry leading position, profit is still considerable; a SMC paste Yida chemical development and production, resistant to high temperature of 180 DEG C and the surface of the product without color, successfully applied to the grand central air conditioning. Gel coat resin is a special resin coat layer of FRP products. Styrene is still the most suitable monomer for the selection of UP resins. Styrene at room temperature but the steam pressure is higher, volatile, especially in the hand or injection molding process of glass steel production, in the coating layer and the backing layer enhancement process more volatile.

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