Development trend and heat preservation effect of thermal insulation coatings

[] global insulation coating is toward high efficiency and energy saving, thermal insulation layer, waterproof jacket integration development direction, in the development of new insulation materials and structure with thermal insulation technology at the same time, more emphasis on targeted use of thermal insulation materials, design and construction standards, and strive to improve the thermal efficiency and reduce the cost. In recent years, have launched the research of thin layer heat insulation coatings at home and abroad, China has quietly set off a new upsurge of development of thermal insulation materials, and Beijing Sheng Chi Wei Hua Chemical Co., the company has taken the lead in the domestic counterparts in the successful development of a high performance thin layer, thermal insulation, high temperature in one of the new waterborne insulation paint. Wei Hua Zhi Sheng insulation coating was chosen by fine hollow ceramic particles known as the space age materials as filler and coating made of hollow ceramic multi combination made a transfer at the same time, in the film into the air microporous layer very low thermal conductivity to heat insulation. It is Zhi Sheng high temperature insulation coating ZS-1 Wei Hua, the adiabatic coating grade reaches R-33.3, heat preservation rate was 89%, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.030W\/m.K, using high temperature solution Sheng Chi Wei Hua own special, high temperature water insulation coating temperature can reach 1800 DEG C, can long time fire barbecue, direct brushing in the kiln, the inside wall insulation, thermal insulation effect is good.
With the development of economy, improve the level of human material, with the application of new materials, now there is a coating of high-tech industry, the ZS-1 high temperature insulation coating non-toxic, environmental protection and energy saving, almost without any volatile substances, no flash, no burning high safety, non yellowing, brushing area the characteristics of the explosion. And the indoor paint building thin 3 mm, can improve the winter indoor temperature is above 3; in the coating equipment, insulation can improve the inhibition rate of 90%, the energy saving rate can reach more than 80%; a condensed water brushing place, can eliminate 100% condensation water mildew, and can be cleaned with water; brushing in the surface of 1100 DEG C with 8mm thickness, the surface temperature can be reduced from 1100 DEG to 100 DEG C, excellent insulation effect, can long time fire barbecue, temperature up to 1800 DEG C, high temperature deformation, high hardness and high performance.

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