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Today, I’d like to introduce one of the partitions: — — double glazed shutters. Double glazed louvers are suitable for setting up in the general manager’s office, conference room and other places. It allows the general manager to have an independent office environment and is not seen by the outside world. There is conference room meeting, also need a quiet environment, double glass shutter partition is a very good choice. Double glass louver partition is made of double faced toughened glass. It has high strength, strong safety and high grade on the atmosphere. It shows the image of the enterprise.

The characteristics of double glazed louver partition

1, breaking up, moving and electric two. The best lighting effect is achieved by lifting and turning, and the concealment and the light transmission are perfectly integrated.

2, width 16mm, 25mm two kinds, sound insulation, dustproof effect is good.

3, double-sided tempered glass, high strength, high safety, high-end atmospheric grade, highlighting the corporate image.

The outer frame material of office double glass louver partition

Control the light and shade of the light and rise and fall, the device is convenient, the function is steady, and observe the work condition at any time.

Classification of office double glazing blind partitions

The keel and keel are punched on the cover plate: they are worn through the keel plate and then worn out from the keel

Shutter: the plate is directly attached to the shutter. A direct device without a cover; attached to the fastener.

Device layering: first install glass, and then put the layering, the upper part of the layering hole, turn the knob rope.

Fixed: fix the knob on the bar.

Layout of double glazed shutters in office

Office double glazed shutter, color and pattern are rich, the trend is more distinctive. A small screw; a fixed band; uses 2.5 bits; a punch; a 4.5 bit.

Design principle and common problems of double glass louver partition

I. scale design of office partition

Workshop or conference room at an altitude of 1800mm or above, private workshop or conference room at an altitude of 1200mm ~ 1600mm, the general staff office or conference room in about 1200mm, the open area at an altitude of 750mm ~ 1100mm.

Two, color collocation

The Imitation cotton fabric, imitation of natural wood, full color, clear and soft.

Editor’s summary: the above is the office of double glazed block design and layout of the relevant knowledge, hoping to help friends in this regard! For more information, please continue to focus on our website and the follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also go to the Qijia shopping mall to buy your favorite product!

Double glazed louver partition

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