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I believe we all know, just renovated house, the general indoor, there are a lot of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases exist. In order to protect themselves and the health of their families, then the house decoration testing has become very important. Here we will introduce: why do house decoration testing and decoration before moving into the little common sense?.

Why do housing testing?:

1, the self experience test

According to their own judgment, such as feeling, the family moved into their new homes after the people with low immunity, easy to cold, dizzy and headache. Decline in energy, fatigue. Feeling a pungent odor, especially when approaching a piece of furniture; eyes, eyes, tears, etc.. This time, you need to do further testing, but also to maintain good indoor ventilation.

2, formaldehyde self-test box

This is a simple and easy method of self detection, detection in general before please third party inspection company, you can first use the self testing box for testing, if found may exceed the standard formaldehyde score, you can find third party company for precision detection. In addition, the self-test box error is larger, the detection data is more accurate than that, and can only be used as a reference.

3. Responses of animals and plants

Observing the reactions of plants and animals can also detect formaldehyde to some extent, such as wilt and death of plants, which happen just after moving into new homes. Pets are sick, do not eat food, low resistance, decline in vitality, always like to stay quiet. If this happens, and your family has a similarly low resistance, it’s almost certain that your new home is a problem.

4, physical and chemical methods

Detection of formaldehyde is mostly physical and chemical methods, this is the most precise method, but also the third party testing company used methods, the general people are not able to use. The detection methods include AHMT spectrophotometry, phenol reagent spectrophotometry, gas chromatography, electrochemistry and sensor method. Test if exceeded, should be timely treatment, to avoid causing greater losses to the family.

New renovation of the house before moving in matters needing attention:

1, the water supply pipeline for the first time, the water may flow out of color, after a period of time, the water will gradually clear.

Can not use acid or alkaline liquid 2, clean faucet, also cannot use coarse cloth or steel balls, otherwise the surface will lead nap.

3, if the decoration does not stay, after entering the business trip, need to go out for a long time, or encountered public water pipe maintenance, etc., it is best to turn off the water main valve.

4, electrical equipment in the first time before the electricity, it is best to check whether the appliance is damp, plug, wire is complete and safe. Especially electric kettle, electric water heater, rice cooker, disinfection cabinet and other appliances. New electrical equipment must look at the instructions before use.

5, the use of gas stoves must pay attention to the direction of the switch, according to the sign to switch off the gas. It is best to sleep every night before closing the gas master switch.

6, solid wood flooring walking on solid wood flooring, do not drag on the soles of its feet, otherwise it will cause paint thinning, shorten the service life. Heels with nails should not walk on it. Do not beat with a heavy surface. Avoid direct sunlight to the ground. Clean the floor should pay attention to the dry humidity of the mop, must not mop the moisture when mopping the floor.

7, wooden products, wooden products, including cabinets, cabinets, vestibule, bookshelves, doors and windows and so on. Switch doors and windows should pay attention to moderate efforts, and pay attention to the left and right side of the door and window have been opened and closed order.

Editor’s summary: why do house decoration testing and decoration before the introduction of small knowledge here, and I hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to family planning network.

Housing renovation matters needing attention

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