Custom fashion into the young integrated ceiling market will be changed “”

A growing number of integrated ceiling enterprises are aware of the importance of the young consumer market, and are actively catering to their consumer demand in product design and sales. Custom, fashion and other words increasingly frequent in the integrated ceiling industry, integrated ceiling of each module, pinch plate material innovation in rapid development, enterprises hope to attract the attention of consumers.
“ fashion ” the pursuit of young consumers
Although the customized integrated ceiling has been developed very well in the market, the design and function of integrated ceiling are still not enough to meet the needs of young consumers. Homogenization, this commonplace topic in the current integrated ceiling industry market is still prevalent, even though differentiation has started, but the same kind of integrated ceiling products are still flooded with the entire market. Therefore, even if the integration ceiling enterprises use custom as a way to attract consumers, but for the pursuit of self display of young consumers, does not have much attraction.
Integrated ceiling enterprises want to win the young consumers, legalistic style development model is not feasible, must type and function of innovative products, rich product, make customized integrated ceiling from &ldquo &rdquo into “ tradition;; fashion ”.
Integrated ceiling customization, need to take a multi-functional route
Custom integrated ceiling including the appearance, function and plate material three aspects of customization, so, what kind of appearance, function, pinch materials to attract young consumers? Young consumers can not only pursue integrated ceiling “ green ” environmental protection, for the younger generation of consumers, is the basic standard integrated ceiling. On the basis of basic standards, integrated ceiling products should also have a beautiful appearance, a variety of functions.
Internationally, the design of integrated ceiling is called “&ldquo”; the dress is &rdquo for girls; the design of integrated ceiling is no less than the fashion design. The previously mentioned integrated ceiling design international, is because of the impact of young consumers by foreign Home Furnishing concept greatly, the integrated ceiling appearance requirements naturally closer to international standards, so the integrated ceiling enterprises in the integrated ceiling for young consumers in the process of design, can refer to the international trend, but blindly copying is not enough, it is tantamount to the imported integrated ceiling brand.
At present, integrated ceiling products have a single function, although integration has become the mainstream of integrated ceiling industry, but the actual function is still in place. In fact, integrated ceiling function has great room for improvement, such as earthquake, fire, electricity, and so on.
In conclusion, integrated ceiling enterprises to enter the market of young people must know how to change the face of &rdquo “.

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