Cross boundary wind prevails, the development of the floor enterprises must not blindly follow the trend

In recent years, after years of development, the flooring industry is not rigidly adhere to the existing development model. Conform to the industry’s cross-border unrest, enterprises have begun to lengthen the production line, excluding building materials, home industry cross-border, flooring enterprises cross-border to other industries phenomenon is also common. And behind these cross-border, but also gradually emerge a series of problems.
Brand names should be dealt with properly
Brand name is an urgent problem in the process of cross-border enterprises. This is a contradiction, the majority of enterprises will use the original brand name with the original floor brand name, in general, these enterprises are flooring industry old brand, famous brand, originally in the flooring industry has accumulated a good reputation, follow the original brand name helps to quickly open cross-border market, but this cause the original field and is now entering the field of brand integration, once in a new field do not succeed, it may bring disaster to the fish pond on the original brand image damage.
Of course, there are some enterprises in the creation of the brand new start to choose Home Furnishing cross-border market, but an enterprise name has too many brands will not only cause interference but also damage the enterprise’s own brand business to consumers, can not form a cohesive force of brand awareness. Therefore, the first step in the cross-border operations on the floor, enterprises will need careful consideration, if not both should also be as much as possible so as to reduce the negative impact on the floor business, but also can enhance the visibility of the brand icing on the floor.
Enterprises need to maintain good relationship with distributors
In addition, how to maintain good relations with existing distributors after cross-border is also particularly important. In the decision to cross-border development, to further the floor enterprise rolled out the sales network, the final original cannot do without the support of dealers, distributors to become the enterprise to persuade cross-border ofpainstaking research topic, for dealers, they are different from the major industry supply enterprises, cross-border risk is too big, not once the unpredictable situation, they can not bear the consequences.
Therefore, how to remove the dealer’s worries, flooring enterprises need to seriously consider. Because this is not only related to cross-border business success, but also a basic disk floor enterprise can appear here, as strong as iron, may eventually lead to the floor enterprises for many years of painstaking efforts be destroyed on one day.
Although the current cross-border enterprises are particularly prevalent wind, but the floor enterprises in the development of the occasion can not blindly follow the trend. In brand influence and dealer relationship maintenance, enterprises only double consideration, can cross-border effect properly play.

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