Create environmental health wall, TV background, wall paper, how to choose 0?

In the home improvement design, the TV background wall has become the design of “ focus ” is also a unique space to reflect the owner’s personality. Then, when you are decorating your new house, how do you choose the TV background, wall paper? Today, we are through the following content, together to understand the background of television, wall paper related content.

TV backdrop wallpaper, 1, environmental protection and health is important, choose the living room TV background wall paper when news wallpaper smell, if not smell or smell too heavy, do not buy. General election of the smell is not heavy, otherwise the home is damp, wallpaper smell emitted, will affect the entire living room air, is not conducive to health.

TV background wall wallpaper, select 2, select materials, wallpaper materials currently on the market, so that there should be paper, plastic surface (PVC composite wallpaper), natural fibers, metals and fabrics. In the family decoration, as far as possible not to use glue surface wallpaper, because glue surface wallpaper of environmental protection performance is poorer, and rubber surface wallpaper permeability is poor, stick to the wall, easy to Alice and yellow, affecting the bedroom beautiful. Wallpaper also plays a role in sound absorption and noise reduction, especially in the living room listening to the owners of the audio hobby, material selection, you can choose noise, environmental protection wallpaper, noise pollution reduction.

TV backdrop wallpaper, select 3, or mix of free wall monotonous, regardless of large-sized apartment or large-sized apartment, if properly designed, the background wall can make the atmospheric effect. Please remember, the TV background wall is also a concrete manifestation of the owner’s bearing and mind. If the background wall is larger, either horizontal or vertical, can be fully utilized, in order to avoid monotony, can be cut and shape with two or three different materials, or reflect the level sense of stereo mapping. Colorful wallpaper background wall is the most simple, as long as good color and pattern can be suitable for the living room style.

TV backdrop wallpaper, select 4, see the effect, the living room TV backdrop and house decoration wallpaper is the entire color collocation coordination, some wallpaper look and feel good, but to get back home decoration to collocation, color is too strong or other uncoordinated situation. In the purchase of wallpaper, it is recommended to ask for a sample, take back to compare, the overall color match is consistent.

TV background wall wallpaper, choose 5, tone consistent shape, avoid abrupt, the background wall as a part of the living room decoration, it must be consistent with the overall color of the space in the color. There is a saying in the geomancy, if the television background wall color and the living room is not harmonious, will not only affect the appearance, but also the emotional impact. But in general, the elegant white, light blue, light green, bright yellow, red, decorated with light gold is a good tone, too deep, too dazzling tone, easy to make people feel heavy, emotional tension.

About the television background wall wallpaper, I introduced here, hoped helps to you, more decorates the information, makes in the family ownership network, please look forward to.

The living room TV backdrop wallpaper wallpaper TV

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