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Bathrooms play a very important role in our homes. They are closely related to our daily lives, and are also the most hidden spaces that affect our health. Therefore, it is very important to build a healthy, relaxed and comfortable bathroom environment. This small series will introduce some of the bathroom cleaning and maintenance coup, come to understand it

First, hard fitting clean, pay more attention to tile glass, exquisite maintenance

Bathroom wall cleaning, attention should be paid to the two types of ceramic tile and glass building materials, these two building materials are the most common bathroom, but also the most prone to moisture and stains. Here are some ways to give these two kinds of building materials to do a clean beauty bar.

1, bathroom tiles clean

Most of the bathroom wall tiles, in daily life, in order to maintain its clean and bright, you need to use more decontamination cream to clean it. In addition to the tile surface, many people may be dirt on tile gap is at a loss what to do, at this time, the toothbrush is your good helper, can effectively remove stains with a toothbrush dipped in some detergent paste, and then use the blank in the crevice of brush a layer of waterproof agent, ceramic tile beauty will be accomplished.

2, bathroom glass cleaning

Want to keep the bathroom glass always bright and clean? Glass cleaners are essential. Because the water vapor contact mirror, glass and so often and indoor, easy to cast watermark become dull. At this time, the use of spray glass cleaner, spray on the glass with a big X shape, and then wring dry cloth to wipe along one direction, if you find that there are watermarks on the glass, can use newspaper knead, rub, remove dull.

Two, sanitary ware maintenance and cosmetic whitening recipe

In addition to tile and glass, it is essential that the bathroom sanitary ware, sanitary ware mostly ceramics or metal material, because of the long-term use, the surface easy to accumulate dirt or become dull, therefore, the daily maintenance of sanitary ware is our responsibility.

1, toilet faucet clean

Faucet, shower these metal ware surface often all kinds of shower gel, shampoo and other traces of dip, let the chrome faucet is intense darkness without light. Our daily cleaning supplies are alkaline. When cleaning faucets, we choose neutral detergent, and then soft cotton is not cleaned, so that it can effectively remove all traces of the surface. But you must not use wire brush or acid cleaner to clean, otherwise it will damage the chrome plating on the faucet surface.

2, toilet toilet clean

It’s time to whiten your toilet. After regular use, the closet will appear a variety of stains, yellow wall let a person look creepy, come clean. Put in the right amount of water in the toilet, clean it with a toilet brush, pour 5-10 ml of detergent or hydrochloric acid solution, and then wipe evenly with the brush. Finally rinse the detergent with clean water. If the stain is more serious, you can do it again and again.

3, bathroom ceramic cleaning

In addition to the toilet, there are a variety of ceramic sanitary ware such as toilet, bathroom cabinet, washbasin, bathtub, which itself is white beautiful ceramic ware, after a period of use, will inevitably become dim. White vinegar and lemon peel is a good clean helper, cleaning the surface of the toilet surface, wipe with soft cloth dipped in a little white vinegar, or directly with lemon peel for cleaning, the surface of the sanitary ware will be as bright as new.

The bathroom bathroom renovation

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