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In the process of home improvement, decoration pollution is inevitable. Decoration process, the use of substandard decoration materials and unreasonable design will result in Jiezhuang pollution. Decoration pollution deserves our attention, but it is clear that pollution needs to be done in the right way. Follow the small series together to look at the removal of household pollution program.

Part1: how effective is the cleanup method?

In view of the pollutants in household decoration, many residents assume that some traditional methods are used to clean up the pollution, which leads to the misunderstanding of decontamination. But are these methods really effective? Let’s take a look at it.

First, the main source of household pollution

1, the domestic environment pollution factors

Interior decoration, plywood, particleboard, interior paint and reinforced concrete used anticoagulant and other decoration materials, is the main source of household pollution.

2. Major pollutants

Formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia gas, additives and other volatile toxic substances. These pollutants can cause human respiratory tract, digestive tract, nervous system and many other aspects of damage, and even long-term harmful to people’s health, such as formaldehyde and other substances release period of 3-15 years.

Two, the elimination of household pollution misunderstanding

1. Place pineapple

Some people think that a few pineapple in each room can remove the paint smell, and the large room will put more. The volatile aroma of pineapple, to mask the smell, but did not decompose and remove harmful substances; in addition, pineapple contains a lot of water, after evaporation up to play the role of humidification, can play a role of formaldehyde and other harmful substances dissolved, but once again the volatile formaldehyde will be dried out.

2, vinegar fumigation

Some consumers try to fumigation vinegar, remove the odor after family decoration. Experts pointed out that vinegar belongs to acidic substances, there is a weak and ammonia in the air, but not formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients.

3 ozone generator

The &ldquo, the ozone generator &rdquo, is an even bigger area of error as an air purifier. Although ozone has the function of sterilization and disinfection, it is also harmful to human health. Ozone disinfection can only be performed in an environment where the body does not touch, and is not suitable for indoor air purification.

4, placed tea root

Some people even put dried tea roots in their closets and rooms, hoping to help remove the poison gas. As a matter of fact, the effect of tea root in this respect is like dried leaves and toilet paper. It has almost no absorption and decomposition.

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