Container data center – it allows you to use simple electronic instruments

Today, there are a lot of electronic products in our lives, in which we live in the refrigerator, television, microwave ovens and other power products, their internal structure is very subtle. Of course, it also needs a number of products can be combined with the electronic products, in the inside of the HUAWEI centre now launched a product that is installed in the electronic products, it is the Container Data Center, then the application advantages of this product are those?

The traditional container needs long cycle and energy consumption in the above is great when dealing with large data, which is very good for some public occasions, this is a data center and HUAWEI company launched can be an extension of the great, in data storage becomes more simple, and can be reached very safe, the intelligent products when in use can greatly ensure the safety of the user.

In fact, in the hospital and the government the public inside data is large, then you need to react quickly and efficiently, and the container data center of HUAWEI is strong in applicability and efficiency of data processing, which is absolutely can meet, can be large in these public hospitals and government. The extent to solve these problems, to achieve a high efficient working state.

This is a data processing apparatus has been a great improvement in the power supply, the power supply in use is greatly reduced, which reduces the cost, in the use of the process is to achieve the green, the pollution is also reduced, enough to meet all environmental life, when in use is can meet the requirements of the national index.

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