Conservative route or transformation change, who integrated ceiling business ups and downs

Integrated ceiling development has been ten years of history, after ten years of accumulation and precipitation, in order to better forward, many companies are about to usher in the transition, from the inside out changes. Of course, each enterprise is different in size and cultural concept, so the choice of the road will be different in the process of change. Large enterprises have large enterprises reform, small and medium-sized enterprises have small and medium-sized enterprises in the transformation of the road.
Integrated ceiling enterprises take a conservative route, need to have a strong advantage
The integrated ceiling enterprises traditional, conservative development can avoid a lot of risk, many senior corporate executives believe that the traditional development model has been implemented to the enterprise can bring some sense of security, trust and security mechanisms are more perfect in all aspects. But the integrated ceiling enterprises adhering to the traditional development will also have to face many intangible challenges.
Because of the lack of variety and large quantities of traditional production management, the customer’s individual demand has been neglected, so it is becoming more and more difficult to meet the needs of the market. Under the new situation, if the integrated ceiling enterprises do not follow the trend of the times, they must have a very strong industrial advantage, with an exclusive fixed product style and consumer market. This is not a large number of SMEs integrated ceiling industry adhere to the mainstream line.
Small and medium-sized integrated ceiling enterprise transformation may not be good results
Many small and medium-sized integrated ceiling enterprises have chosen industrial transformation, chose the road of change, but also failed to achieve corresponding good results. This is because the pursuit of a new model, ambitious, rough positioning, leading to the development of the industrial upgrading of flashy without substance but hindered the normal health of the enterprise. A lot of integrated ceiling enterprises direction for the development of enterprises can not do accurate positioning, spend a lot of time and money, seems to have become the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to follow the trend, but has not been substantive change. Or superficial, or is overkill, now a lot of business problems.
The focus of the transformation must be implemented in product services
However, no matter how to change the integrated ceiling industry, will eventually return to the product quality and the service itself, can do the most basic work, let the ongoing consumption evaluation of a point of praise, is very important for the future is to buy. No matter how the environment changes, do the basic production and supporting services, is still an eternal proposition, but in this process, how to provide innovative modes of production and services, let consumers become more convenient, more worry and effort is more important. If the integrated ceiling enterprises to step ahead, do more in this regard will lead in a dominant position in the future competition, talent shows itself.

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