Competition pressures continue to surge, flooring companies need to create advantages from many angles

[] the flooring industry in China nearly thirty years of development, now into a downturn in the industry as a whole situation, many companies have started looking for a breakthrough direction, and innovation has naturally become one of the most influential topic nowadays. All along, China in the world to make big image, and talk about the creation, is obviously a few chips. Now, in the internal and external pressure interwoven market, the floor enterprises want to develop, use innovation to create advantages become particularly important.
Enhance innovation ability, enterprise needs cost advantage
Today, in order to be able to stand in the world brand of forest, flooring enterprises bigger and stronger is the general trend, but in this regard, enterprises need a lot of effort. For enterprises to become bigger and stronger, they must innovate in product, process and management so as to shake off the traditional mode of economic growth and truly keep pace with the times. It is possible to achieve a better vision in the near future.
Under the new normal economy, China’s economic structure has mainly changed from incremental capacity expansion to the adjustment of stock, as well as the coexistence of advantages and increments, and the transformation of industry to high-end, sustainable development economic model. Such changes for the development of the floor enterprises play a good guiding role. At present, excess capacity has been an indisputable fact that the floor market, high volume is not conducive to the healthy development of enterprises.
This situation, if the floor enterprises can rely on large data stores across the country will produce large and complex data are classified, compared and cross statistics, the formation of useful information, so as to guide the enterprises according to the different city, different preferences of the individual needs of consumers accurate customized products, they are truly meet the customization production according to the needs of consumers, so real to consumer demand as the core, from the product appearance, function, details, sales process, customer service service, examine their production and management, can avoid to stay in the era of excess capacity.
Flooring companies need to build management advantages
Import large data management, flooring enterprises can also solve the individual customization and scale production conflict, the establishment of a cost oriented business model, in the product and technology to establish unique advantages. Large data management, substantial savings in floor costs, reflected in the production system and sales design, analysis system. After the design plan is determined, each part of the floor will be split, converted into one after another digital, with big data way to command each machine production.
In this case, the production efficiency and utilization of materials compared to traditional flooring manufacturers can undoubtedly be greatly improved. In the communication and sales links, the floor enterprises can also make fast matching and fine-tuning for customers through the existing cases in the database, and save a lot of communication time cost. The floor enterprises continue to surge in market competition in the market, only the cost advantage, management advantage more effectively play out, in order to truly seize market opportunities, so as to seek long-term development.

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