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Indoor partition is a kind of barrier used to distinguish home space, not only the effect of separation, but also to enhance the three-dimensional sense of space effect, you can make the narrow space suddenly has a sense of hierarchy. There are many kinds of indoor partitions, and consumers can choose according to their own needs. Indoor partitions are used not only in the living room, but also in bedrooms and bathrooms if they are villas. Therefore, the function of indoor partition is very strong. Next, let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge about indoor partition!

Indoor partition benefits

1., in the absence of space resources, in order to change the next space area, indoor partition can meet your needs.

2., indoor partition greatly shorten the exhibition time, improve efficiency, save costs, into a multi-functional space.

Interior partition decoration method

Ground vision separation

The mosaic effect or carpet to distinguish space. Large, medium and small areas can be used.

Two, furniture partition

Furniture partitions are the easiest way. If you add some green plants, the effect will be more obvious. Especially suitable for small and impermeable rooms.

Three, platform partition

By raising the part of the ground to distinguish, as a teahouse, sunshine leisure space, the gap is obvious, that is beautiful and practical.

Four, ceiling partition

The most common are two kinds: first, with distinct lines to separate, simple and clear. Two, different decoration, mainly rely on smallpox decoration, do not have suspended ceiling, suitable for 3 meters or more large huxing.

Five, elastic partition

A partition that is free to move, close, or open as required. For example: fitted with folding window leaves.

Interior partition decoration notes

First, the overall style setting

According to the style of the house to choose.

Two, function settings

For decoration and storage of two kinds, such as: shelves, multi screen, very stylish.

Three, the image of the mold

No load, shape freedom, change in unity.

Four, color matching

The color should be in harmony with the basic part of the room.

Five, material selection and processing

With glass, wood, stainless steel, plastic as raw materials, the image of the shape and wonderful match.

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