COB light source technology application of mature system of


Figure is installed in the Beijing Yizhuang Development Zone LED integrated light source lamp (COB), a total of more than 2000 light.

COB (Chip on Board), is an LED chip package on the same substrate, the series parallel on the chip, to achieve the goal of the design package. At present, the technology system of lighting products assembled by the COB light source is more and more mature, has been widely used in Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China, some manufacturers.

Compared with the traditional COB light source, what are the advantages?

The COB thermal resistance is low, the connection system of high reliability, the lighting effect is better, can reflect the contours of the objects clearly. At the same time, its efficiency is high, production cost is low; not only improves the reliability of module manufacturing process, and flexible application, very popular with manufacturers and consumers.

Although the COB light source has the incomparable superiority, but it does not mean that consumers have accepted it, doubts about COB is issued from time to time. For example: there is a problem, the service life of COB light source light serious? On this issue, there has been a formal test report, can be seen from the test results, we can eliminate the worries of heat. The life of LED is closely related with PN junction temperature Tj, and integrated with the ordinary package has good control of temperature, the life of the light source can ensure the same. Through the reasonable design of the cooling body, the heat transfer reliability, reduce junction temperature, the temperature is controlled in a certain range, can ensure the light source life, node temperature can be controlled effectively.

The light source is as a separate system, COB source used in road lighting has many advantages, some COB as the light source lamp case is the best proof. The different light source can be used as a lighting system, the application is very convenient. In addition, the COB lamp radiator, the radiator shell is combined, direct contact with air, the cooling efficiency is greatly improved, the maintenance cost is very low. Through these examples we can see that the actual effect of CBD light source used in street lamps, it not only meets the requirements of city road light, and do it well.

If the COB light source to obtain the considerable development, the application for manufacturers to provide more extensive selection of space. At the same time, COB in the development of a street lamp optical system will be more and more mature, the application of the road can get good, meet the standard of road lighting effect.

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