Coating enterprises need to prepare for various aspects and seize the market development direction

[this year is drawing to a close, looking back on the sales of coatings industry in recent years, and the coating industry has entered a relatively slow growth period. For the coating industry is now facing the situation, paint industry next spring will be as scheduled? Regardless of the end result, the coating business must act immediately.
The moderate growth of the coatings industry is just an excessive period
&ldquo this year, the growth rate of the coating industry is more moderate, just a transition period, because there are still some problems in the industry: product homogenization; enterprise brand awareness is not strong; enterprise environmental protection, energy conservation awareness and so on. &rdquo: marketing experts explain this, &ldquo, but some companies have become aware of these issues that affect business development and are trying to break through and let their businesses stand in front of the industry. ”
Coating enterprises need to prepare for many aspects and seize the market development direction
It is understood that, although this year’s development of the coating industry tends to be mild, some well-known brands in China still maintain a steady growth trend, which is closely related to the multi-faceted armed enterprises. In this regard, paint companies need to prepare for many aspects, take the initiative, seize the market development direction, consider many issues, explore the road for enterprise development prospects. Only in this way, the enterprise “ spring ” will come as scheduled.
1, continue to improve product innovation
With the development of economy, in high income population scale, and this part of the population the demand for the product is not only just to satisfy the need, more personalized reflect, so enterprises need to paint innovative products to seize the market trend. The industry believes that the &ldquo coating; enterprises should keep high cost in product development, will from time to time according to the market demand, the introduction of new products, so it is easier to seize the consumer’s mind, many people won praise. ”
2, to create high value brand marketing
In addition to innovation issues, many coatings companies still exist brand awareness phenomenon. Marketing experts believe that, “ traditional enterprise concept is still stuck in the product, ignoring brand building. Brand is the company’s external logo, a good brand can bring endless resources for the enterprise, so it is necessary to push the product to the market, not only the high quality of the product, but also the high value brand marketing. ” experts revealed that, “ coating enterprises should invest a huge sum of money every year, advertising, continue to enhance brand influence, but also in accordance with the actual situation to assist dealers in regional advertising. ”
3, to create environmentally friendly energy-saving products
In addition, with the introduction of the most stringent environmental law, haze rampant rampant in major cities, environmental issues have been the focus of discussion, the public awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing. As a result, the market for environmental protection coatings is very large. The personage inside course of study introduces, coating is an important part of home life, and therefore welcomed by domestic consumers, paint is equipped with a longer service life and enhance the quality of home life and so on. Therefore, in the face of such a market demand, domestic coatings enterprises must do real environmental protection to meet the needs of market consumers.
Overall, the domestic coating industry as a whole is still in a stage of development, the development of the industry there is still a big room for improvement. However, the domestic coating industry in order to achieve breakthrough development, but also the establishment of multi-faceted armed.

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