Coating enterprises can tap the potential of Internet from brand marketing

[with the continuous development of the times, the traditional mode of coating enterprises can not be well developed. In addition, with the popularity of the Internet, the development of coatings electricity supplier has become a foregone conclusion. To meet the needs of consumers, coating enterprises are also on the road of transformation and upgrading. In the information age, enterprises can make full use of Internet resources and carry forward the brand.
Coating enterprises can not exist without traditional channels
The Internet to subvert the commercial channels, the traditional commercial enterprises affected by the impact of the past coating industry channel is king “ ”, the relative scarcity of vendors and terminal manufacturers, channels must be given adequate incentives to make competitive products, ensure the products can successfully reach the hands of consumers. This leads to even higher margins for the channel than the manufacturer.
In the Internet era, the channel is simply flat, manufacturers direct supply electricity supplier, electricity supplier and then sell products to consumers, the product prices have been significantly reduced. At the same time, the electronic business platform plays the role of traditional channels in the past, shopping pages instead of shelves. With the help of search engines, not only is the space for display of goods no longer scarce, but it also allows consumers to buy more quickly and cheaply. This can not be said to be a great opportunity for coating enterprises, however, due to the special attributes of the industry, destined to paint companies can not be separated from traditional channels exist.
Coating enterprises can also tap the potential of Internet from brand marketing
As a result, coating companies can also tap the potential of the Internet from brand marketing. The Internet era has changed the past consumption of “ a hammer sale of ” the phenomenon of enterprises to “ customer ” regarded as “ users ” and further evolved into “ fans ”. The traditional marketing theory is through advertising and promotion efforts to persuade customers to buy goods, but in the Internet era, any transactions settled in big data, the &ldquo &rdquo is no longer valid; flicker; consumer goods more than three “ ” the phenomenon will be more obvious.
For successful purchase behavior, coating enterprises also need good customer maintenance, and strive to allow users to recognize the company’s products and culture, become the company’s fans, in order to derive new potential purchasing behavior. With the booming of micro-blog and WeChat, users will share shopping experiences with friends in various ways. Individuals can become self media, consumers with the same hobby form the ethnic group, and the word-of-mouth marketing of consumers has reached an unprecedented height.
It can be said that in the Internet era, users are really respected by the enterprise, in terms of after-sales service and other improvements, and even their own experience can be used to paint enterprises for the next generation of products reference. The role of channels weakened, consumers are respected, so that the Internet era has truly become “ product is king ” era. The Internet business is not only a strong rise, thanks to the brand occupy the minds of consumers, more important is to provide a good product, good product itself has become a marketing tool, this is the paint brand marketing process to learn from experience.
Generally speaking, if the coating enterprise wants to be bigger and stronger, brand construction is necessary. In the Internet era, paint companies need to tap the potential of the Internet, brand building in the end.

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