Coating enterprises based on the market, out of the homogenization of the vicious circle is imperative

[through continuous development, the homogenization of coating industry is serious. Homogenization has hindered the development of enterprises to a large extent, but it also provides a best breakthrough for enterprises to win market competition. In the increasingly fierce market competition, it is imperative for coating enterprises to base themselves on the market and get out of the homogenization circle.
Homogenization of paint products has exacerbated the vicious competition in the market
The homogenization of product concept in the coatings industry has aggravated the vicious competition in the market. However, in the process of blind imitation, the coating enterprises have forgotten that the realization of any product concept needs the corresponding technical support. One copy of coating enterprise product concept, ignore the combination with the enterprise product core technology and resource advantages, resulting in coating imitation only stays at the conceptual level, can not be specific, tangible, eventually making paint products become a brand strategy for the shell.
Homogenization will be the main culprit in the development of the industry
The production of domestic paint companies and outwardly strong but inwardly weak, in the face of market competition, &rdquo “ a dangerous situation; paint companies could not withstand, but helpless, only in the homogenization of the road farther and farther. In the long run, paint enterprises will be overwhelmed, but I do not know the “ the last straw ” when will appear?. In addition, the entire coating industry will also fall into development difficulties, homogenization sooner or later will evolve into the industry’s overall development “ culprit ”.
Coatings enterprises should consider the market reality and function first
To be sure, there are many products on the coating market, and different processes, technologies, formulations and raw materials will produce products of different specifications, grades and levels, and these products are also very different in price. From the current characteristics of coating consumption, functional interests still have a great impact on consumers, paint companies should consider the reality of the market, the supremacy of functionality.
Now, paint channels increasingly diversified, but the added value of the competitiveness of enterprises is an important focal point, as the semi-finished products properties of coatings products, in the process of implementation of product sales in the need to use additional benefits more. Therefore, coating enterprises should be from the consumer point of view, to provide customers with the most complete, the most urgent additional benefits, so that consumers choose their own is the best code of conduct.
In short, in the vicious competition environment, paint enterprises want to achieve long-term development, we must break through homogenization, go out of their own characteristics of the road.

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