Coating enterprise transformation of the Internet, accurate grasp of big data

[] with the mobile Internet technology rapid application of Internet technology, in addition to the traditional manufacturing industry, service industry to upgrade the role, but also innovative new business models and economic form, this will be a big boost to the transition period of China’s economic development, for the paint companies, the transition to the Internet also logical.
Coating enterprise transformation, the Internet has just begun
With the rapid development of the Internet, it is clear that users on the Internet platform has become a potential consumer in the eyes of many coatings companies. In the weak market of traditional marketing methods, a small number of well-known paint brands are doing everything they can, hoping to rely on the Internet to sell paint products. In fact, in the industry view, similar to the Tmall platform for the cooperation, is also using the Internet platform, stay in the sales stage, it is difficult to be called the Internet thinking, more accurately should be is the use of the Internet marketing activities.
A paint brand responsible person said, “ under the impact of the Internet, China paint industry has changed from seller market to buyer’s market, continue to rely solely on the old model is no longer possible, the transformation of the Internet has come to the conclusion. &rdquo, a well-known paint brand marketing official said, and now, WeChat coatings enterprises have become standard, but also the most basic form of coating enterprises ocs. About the Internet marketing channels, the main official website, the official WeChat, micro-blog, marketing content is mainly for special promotions, brand promotion, as well as activities push, equivalent to form a prototype from the media.
Make full use of the Internet behind the “ big data ”
The combination of Internet thinking and coatings industry is not just selling paint products, coatings companies can also use the Internet for big data analysis. Insiders said, through the visual presentation of big data, enterprises can find the owners of the paint Association of the brand of choice, a higher proportion of brand association can take the initiative to unite to provide preferential marketing or interactive services for the owners, so as to meet the needs of consumers. For example, the site through the statistical results of big data found that the preference of a brand owners may choose several other specific brand risk, if these brands joint marketing, will cater to the needs of the owners, play a multiplier effect.
Indeed, big data brings a wide range of imagination to business, creating possibilities for things that were impossible in the past. However, with the advent of the era of big data, paint enterprises should develop, must make good use of this platform, only the platform resources to effectively integrate well, in order to make more different businesses and products can be visually displayed in front of consumers. The use of big data has not yet standardized, and paint companies should make good use of big data, in addition to identifying its stage, but also with their own actual situation.
In short, in the Internet era, coating enterprises must master the big data, this “ razor ”. On the one hand, big data will allow us to quickly grasp the latest market trends, understand the changes in market demand, on the one hand, the use of big data is not yet standardized today, paint companies more careful use of big data, can not let the sword of “ ” hurt yourself.

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