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The kitchen is for the family cooking delicious food, but also easy to produce oil in place, many people complain that the kitchen cleaning is not easy, not easy to clean oil and problems with everyone, in fact the cleaning tool can then be multiplied, following small series to introduce 5 kinds of practical cleaning tool, a understand.

1, pure cotton cloth

Material: pure cotton

Own characteristic: has the very strong water absorbability.

Main &ldquo: Combat object &rdquo: home appliances such as microwave ovens, electric ovens, etc., can also be used for the cleaning of gas stoves.

Editor’s note: for stubborn stains, cotton rags must be used with detergent and can have a good effect.

2, American cloth

Material: artificial cotton

Its own features: it has a small mesh structure, easy to sauce and soy sauce wiped, cleaning is also easier, but do not wash with clothing.

Main &ldquo: Combat object &rdquo: sauce, soy sauce, coffee, etc. poured on the table or on the operating table.

Editor’s note: non-woven cloth is very soft texture, you can play a good protective effect on ceramic tableware, wiping relatively clean. In addition to regular disinfection, often drying, in order to keep the cloth dry and dry, non-woven cloth cloth is not very strong, use a period of time after easy tear, should pay attention to timely replacement.

3, cleaning block

Material: high polyester film and sponge block

Its features: the sponge outsourcing a layer of polyester film, non sticky grease, no scratches. Dehydration can dry, will not produce odor, and can control all kinds of bacteria.

Main &ldquo: Combat object &rdquo: plastic products, resin processing products, glass products, ceramics, wooden products, iron and so on.

Editor’s note: cleaning blocks are best not used in lacquer ware.

4 、 cleaning brush for gas stove

Material: copper wire and stainless steel

Its own characteristics: designed for cleaning the gas stove, with copper wire brush and open and close scraper, more thoroughly remove the dirt and stubborn dirt of the gas stove, dredge the blocked gas hole.

Main “ combat object ”: clean the gas stove, effectively remove the rust around the gas stove and the dirt at the mouth of the fire.

Editor’s note: don’t rub, so as not to scratch the gas stove; after use, should be back before the metal blade; gas stove and fire at the mouth of the temperature does not drop down, please do not use this product; should be very careful when using the copper wire and the scraper, so as not to scratch the hand.

5, loofahs

Material: gourd gourd gourd

Its own characteristics: pure natural pollution-free

The main object of combat: all kinds of tableware, plastic products, resin processing products, glass products, ceramics, wooden products, iron and so on

The old granny who use loofah is the most natural cloth, its unique fiber structure to remove oil and water ability strong, more importantly, loofah is pure natural plant, have no effect on the health of not, if you are interested, may wish to try the housewives.

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