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There are many classifications of glass partitions. Today I’d like to introduce one of the glass partitions, &mdash, &mdash, and aluminum alloy glass partitions. So, what is aluminum alloy glass partition? As the name suggests: to aluminum alloy framework for the glass partition wall, also known as glass partition. The main role is to use aluminum alloy glass folder as a partition, the office space according to demand division, more rational use of space, to meet office use. The use of tempered glass, with wind pressure, cold and heat, impact resistance and other advantages, so more secure, solid and durable.

Classification of aluminium alloy glass partitions

1 types: single and double glass, laminated, vacuum.

2, partition frame: aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel frame, steel structure frame, wooden keel frame, plastic steel frame, steel aluminum structure frame, steel wood material frame, frameless pure.

3, frame size: 84, 80, 90, 108, 116, customized special specifications.

4, track form: fixed, moving, folding.

5, high-low size: high, low, screen

6, the function and nature of glass: safety, fire protection, ultra white, explosion proof, art.

Aluminum alloy glass partition advantages

1, partial disassembly and assembly, reuse, green environmental protection, long service life, cheap.

2, can change positions at any time, re combination, disassembly and assembly, small damage, reduce costs.

3 、 convenient cable laying. No embedment, convenient maintenance and replacement, separation of strong and weak electricity, shielding effect.

4, quick installation.

5, the refractory limit is 30MIN, 60MIN or longer.

6, no pollution emissions, that is, installation and use.

7 、 sound insulation effect and good tightness.

8, not dirty, no cleaning.

9, sound insulation effect is good.

Attention to glass partition of aluminium alloy

1., conference room, negotiation room, design room and other similar areas

Sound insulation coefficient is very high, reflects the atmosphere, sedate effect.

2., chairman, general manager, room and other similar areas

In line with privacy requirements, more affinity.

3. large office areas and other similar areas

Improved work efficiency and satisfaction.

4. large exhibition halls and other areas.

Understand the situation in the exhibition room and communicate with several customers.

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Aluminium alloy glass partition

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